mothballs in attic

mcd0504February 1, 2003

I have put mothballs in my attic to get rid of a squirrel (it worked), but I think the fumes are coming into my house. Does anyone know how long it takes for them to dissolve? I crushed them, so I can just pick up the balls.


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I don't know how long the fumes take to dissipate but if I were you I'd get a shop vac and vacuum up any mothball residue that was up there.

Mothballs contain napthalene which is a known carcinogen and there are all kinds of warning labels on them to not ingest them or breathe the fumes.

Glad the squirrels are now gone, now it's time to get rid of the deterrent as well!


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make sure you wear a dust mask and have a good filter on that vacuum, too!

I used a stinky perfume to rid my attic of squirrels, and it worked! The only problem was that every night I'd have a burning nose from the strong smell!


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