Diet Pals 22 - 28 Feb

quiltingbunnyFebruary 22, 2004

Hi Ya Everyone!

It's Sunday, I am still hoving at 145 pounds (weigh day tomorrow)...plateau is part of having a lot of family events last few weeks which I will be happy to be rid of soon.

Challenging to point out my diet days with restaurants, irregular hours...I think I have over pointed and probably have not eaten enough (you can plateau doing this because your body thinks you are starving itself and retaliates). So this weeks strategy will be to ensure I am eating all my food and not skimping on any corners. A few days at full point value and then a couple of days of lower daily points should shake things back up again.

Today's treat....kinda food related. Got a packet of tomato seeds with a garden mag and I am going to put those little fellas up onto my window sill to see if they want to poke their heads up and do some flowers as well.

Treats don't have to be food related.

What are you doing to treat yourself these days?

Welcome to our new friends that have popped in. Hope you are sticking with it. Don't knock yourself down if you have a bad day...dust yourself off and join us.

LOL to all my pals!

Happy Sunday!


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Hi everyone!

McPeg! I hope your life settles down soon, and things get back to normal.

I've gone down 15 lbs. and one pants size, but I've been doing this for 22 weeks now. So I'm not losing real fast, but I am happy doing it the way I am. I know that I'm learning so much more about healthier eating and developing good habits. It's the longest I've ever stayed with any program!

I never go to the doctor unless I'm sick, but I do donate blood whenever the "blood mobile" is in town. They always check my blood pressure and test my iron count before taking the blood. Then a week or 2 later they send out a letter telling me my blood type and my cholesterol level.
My blood pressure and cholesterol has always been normal, but I've been borderline with the iron count many times. Sometimes they have to take blood twice for the iron test for me to pass. One time I was way too low and they couldn't take blood that day. When I donated blood last week my iron level was very good, thanks to my healthy eating!!

To reward myself I have bought some new clothes. I bought 2 sweaters and 2 pair of jeans a week ago and that's when I realized I needed a size smaller in the jeans. This weekend I bought a new sweater (they're all on clearance now) and 2 more pairs of pants. One of my sweaters is folded and on top of my sewing desk. I see it when I walk into the room and I always picture myself nice and slim with the sweater and jeans on. I love warm weather, but I'm hoping for a few more cool days here so I can wear my new sweaters!!

McPeg, you mentioned eating less than your points...well yesterday I ate 17 points (I'm allowed 20) and I felt so stuffed that I didn't want any more. I guess I really filled up on more low point foods than usual.

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Hi ladies! It's sunny here today and I think I'm almost over my virus, so I want to walk some this evening. Haven't walked since Thursday!! I'm missin' it!

My treat today? Let's see. Maybe just take a long nap. That sounds pretty good. Have a good day!

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Well, it's been a good day today. Slept in and STILL FEEL VERY VERY TIRED (I am a true creature of habit)...slept right through breakfast period but waited for lunch because we were taking out DH's parents today. Lunch was lovely - baked jacket potato on a small salad with turnip and haggis (basically its lean hamburger with oatmeal and spices). It worked out to a full 10 points and I had a cinnamon roll and counted all the milk in my tea/coffee. So I have reached my points today without going over.

Now I am ready for bed and it's not even 7:30...been like this the last few days. Like I want to hibernate. Winter thing - Feb always knocks me back in a normal winter. Kinda blue but I will get over it.

Tomorrow back to a normal work day (still grumbling over their expectation of my over time being 'part of the job'...) not at all happy about that. Might have another job interview and will seriously consider it if the opportunity presents itself. I don't mind overtime as part of the job but not at my current salary level - their nuts!

Told ya I felt like kicking a tire...well I am now gearing up for the other side of the car. In reality I think the last few weeks have caught up with me and I am feeling a little down. Nothing wrong with me, I should be grateful for my job and family but I think my hormones are unbalanced again and I am feeling a wee bit depressed. It will pass. Work will be good tomorrow because the PEOPLE are very, very kind and funny as heck and a few laughs will be good.

So please bear with me if I sound like I am having mood swings - it's a health problem I have to work through from time to time. Focussing on a diet with proper eating is a relief to have something good to focus on.

Well, going to finish my cuppa and get my keister in bed very, very shortly.

Hope to hear from all of you and our new friends! Tomorrow is my weigh day and I will be quite pleased if I have maintained my weight for a third week during all this upheaval.

LOL to all,


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Hi everyone,
McPeg, I am glad that you had a good day! I know what you mean, I have been feeling like hibernating myself. No sun does that to me.

Yellowhair, I'm glad that you are feeling better, I wish we would get some sun here.

MaryAnn, congratulations on your weight loss! I look forward to the day that I can shop for a new size. You must have had a great time.

DD and I went on a nice walk (50 min) around the lake that is just down the street from us. In the past I have always just walked in our neighborhood, and it gets oh so boring.
So from now on I think I will be walking at the lake, there are trails, it is so nice, I don't know why I haven't ever walked there before.
I am down 3 pounds since I started last Wed. I know that it will slow down in a few days, but it is a good motivator.

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Congratulations on the weight loss, alice! It sounds like your lake is a perfect place to walk.

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Hello everyone.....I have been really gloomy to and not much into participating but am feeling better. I haven't gotten on the scale as I am so afraid to do so....I know I must be over the 150 that I set as a ceiling to go along with this stop smoking campaign. I have lots to do today but plan to get the exercise done..Have a good week everyone...

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Good morning! I walked this morning and I'm getting my schedule ready for the day. My virus is gone--yayy--and I'm hoping to get a lot accomplished today while the weather is nice. I've been sowing some seeds and still working on decluttering my kitchen.

I will need to really watch my food today since DH requested biscuits (canned) and gravy this morning. Couldn't pass them up, had one large Grands biscuit, a little gravy, and some diet jelly. It was soooo good, but I'll have to watch it------since I didn't eat when I was sick, then when I started feeling better---I sorta overeat. Oh, well...

Take care everybody. Have a great day!

PS McPeg, I don't really see how your company can just expect you to work extra hours with no pay. Is this a family business---your relatives? It's against the law to do this, not pay overtime wages. I don't blame you for being upset.

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Happy MONDAY everyone!

Well, I've been doing what I swore I would NOT do....stepping on my home scale. It has me UP a pound, which is distressing, since I am within my points (or within a flex point or two) per day. Something is going on, because I'm eating far less than I was before counting points. We'll see at the official "weigh-in" on Wednesday.

Got a stretch/toning class in about 2 hours. I really enjoy that on Monday evenings, as it eases me into the week's exercise! Circuits on Wednesday and Thursdays. I try to walk at lunchtime on Tuesdays and Fridays. Once the weather gets nicer, DH and I will walk around our lake which is almost 3 miles.

McPeg, sorry that you are having some problems lately. I'm sure by the time you awake on Tuesday that you will feel better. I hear the weather's better over in the UK.

Have a good night!

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Hi everyone,
I'm down another pound. DD, my niece and I went to a mall today, that was some walking. We had healthy salads at Plutos for lunch. After we got home dd and I got our walk in by the lake.

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Hello everyone!
BigMama - I am soooo glad you've come back. It is one step at a time and keep putting one foot in front of the other - let's pull each other along!
Yesterday was my B'day and I CAVED on sweets. My weight has held steady past 3 weeks which is fine with me all things considered.
Let's not beat ourselves up over any of this. My third attempt at this during the last 3 years. I have ALWAYS regretted letting myself quit halfway to goal. Even if I only lose a 1/4 pound a month or week doesn't matter. I will get to my goal eventually and focus more on healthier meals. Just by doing that much makes me a winner.
We are all winners just for trying.

So I'll make a deal, like I say to my DH -

I'll pull you along and you pull me along and eventually we will get there!

LOL to all,
Congrats on your losses for all you losers out there,
and well done to everyone else just for being here.

Let's pat ourselves on our backs and do our best today.
No regrets.


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I've eaten healthy this week and I am actually looking forward to weighing in the morning. It's funny that taking only 15-20 lbs. off can make you feel soooo good!

Good luck to all of you! And like McPeg long as your scale is gradually going happy!!!

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Hmmmmmmm, come to think of it, 15-20 lbs. is alot! It's 60-80 sticks of margarine!!!

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Hi All,

I didn't get a chance to check in yesterday. Saturday we went to my two year old step-grandaughter's birthday party. It was at 10:00 and by 11 I was very hungry. Suzy had a quiche casserole, cake, doughnuts, fruit and sausage balls. We were 100 miles from home and I had to have something to eat so I caved and ate three sausageballs along with my fruit. I'm pleased I resisted the rest, but I should not have eaten the sausage balls. When we left to go back home we had some people with us and for various reasons could not stop to eat. By the time I got food it was 4:00 and I was literally starved. We ate out and this isn't good for the diet either because you usually can't get good vegetables in restaurants unless they have the wrong butter/margarine/oil in them.

I haven't lost any more weight and I think I'm eating too many carbs. My lifestyle makes it difficult to get the veggies I need. I work 10 hours a day, 4 days a week and commute 1 hour.

The dietician told me about a program called 1,000 steps a day and said I could loose weight that way (in addition to the diet of course)so I am trying to do 1,000 steps a day. Since it is about 1200 steps around the inside perimeter of the complex where I work I plan to walk around it once ever hour and see if it helps with the weight loss.

McPeg, I hope you are having a good day today. You are always such an upper for me. I don't know how you do it! BTW, thanks for the hint about asking for some skim milk with my dressing. I'm definitely going to try it. I have been getting a vinegarette when I go out to eat but when you love Ranch Dressing to the point that you can drink it, the vinegarette makes you feel very deprived.

Congratulations to MaryAnn for the weight loss. Isn't buying new clothes fun!

Yellowhair, I'm so glad you are feeling better. I had that nasty virus week before last myself and it takes a lot out of you.

Keep up the good work Alice. A lake to walk around would be nice indeed!

DeeMarie, sorry about the gained pound but you will get it back off soon I'm sure. Don't give up. Nice weather is coming soon!

Big Mama, glad to see you back and jumping back on the weightloss bandwagon.


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Good morning, dieting pals! Well, I walked this morning and I'm attempting to plan out my day. For some reason, it never seems to go the way I think it should. lol

I went to a website last night that has a lot of fatfree recipes. So, I'm accumulating some new recipes. The bread doesn't have oil, the brownies use carob, applesauce is used in some recipes for oil, egg substitute is used a lot, and it seems that fruit is used as a natural sweetener in several recipes.

I think I've finally faced it----it's an entire lifestyle change----an entire different way of eating, and cooking. My DH will accept and eat my lowfat stuff----if it's tasty. So, that has to be my #1 priority-----make it tasty! On Cooking, that is.

Have a great day! Think "lifestyle change!"

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Glad to see you Beverly - I was going to send out the SWAT team to check up on ya! I know it's tough. Long hours, travel can really wreak havoc. I commute but it's not so bad. I have my desk stocked with you have access to a microwave or boiled water at work? I have canned soups and container to cook it in with a lid, cup a soups. If you don't have access to a fridge, could you bring in, canned fruit packed in fruit juice? If you are on a 10 hour shift - you could open the can, eat half early, other half later...I even have a can opener for my desk. You can also have applesauce, dried fruits. If you don't have time to do fresh veg, pack a peeler and veggies, washed and fix them up later.

What do you have access to for your meals? Beverages?

I find I have to think ahead for weekdays. Plan. Prepare. If I have to spend a few extra pennies on healthier, portable foods - I am doing it.

Tell me more about your work situation and maybe we could put our heads together and come up with some ideas.

Today I am recovering a wee bit and preparing for Friday night Italian restaurant and Saturday belated b'day party with friends - pizza hut and I banked 4 points today, concentrated on balanced meals. Tomorrow I hope to bank again with Thursday almost full points. Sunday I will bank again to recover from Pizza Hut (UNLESS I BEHAVE)...I am honestly more concerned about the italian restaurant.

Doesn't matter where ya go or what you do...sometimes a little planning helps.

We can do this. Been a rough few weeks but I am NOT GIVING UP like I have before. Whenever I break my next goal barrier I will be happy dancing from here to eternity. Its only five pounds away but they seem to be quite a distance. One foot in front of the other and keep striving for my goals. Maybe I should start that happy dance now to burn more calories.

Oh yeah, that walking 1,000 steps is a wonderful, wonderful idea! Go for it.

I have to call a few folk to thank them for some b'day cards so I will check in tomorrow. Make today count! Do it for yourself!


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Good Wednesday morning!
Weighed-in this morning....lost 1 lb. this week! Three more pounds and I'll be in the range where I want to be. Of course I still will have to monitor my weight and eat healthy! I'm happy where I am right now, but know I still need to tone up some more and that means more regular exercise!

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Way to Go!!!! Whhhhoooooooo Hoooooooooo
You must be doing the happy scale dance right now!

You are inspiring and make me wanna behave even more!


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MaryAnn, that is so great, I am so happy for you!

I am down another pound today, 6 pounds total, this is the end of my first week, so I'm sure it will slow down now.
I would like to go on a walk this morning, but it is storming here in northern Ca. right now, and the wind gusts are up to 50 mph. Maybe it will calm down this afternoon.
I hope everyone has a great day!

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So happy for the people who've lost! Yayyy! So sorry that I can't be included. Booooo. Well, I'm up a couple of lbs---I know it was that overeating after my virus---and the regular pepsi. This morning I've had a small bowl of cereal and diet Dr. Pepper.

I walked this morning, exercised last night---got a million things to day today! Yes, I agree, it's the planning that makes the difference. If I have yogurt, fruit, and skinny cows on hand---I won't go for the other foods. I love homemade vegetable soup and this doesn't have too many calories----if you don't use too much butter and oil---so I am planning on making some this weekend.

Have a great day! It's sunny here, spring is on the way!

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Hey girls, you all are doing so good! I'm proud of ya!

I had the dreaded eggbeaters for breakfast with the dreaded wheat toast. LOL Why do you hate what is good for you? Everyone else seems to like wheat toast so why do I have to be different? I like that gummy white stuff! LOL You have to laugh sometimes to keep from crying!

McPeg, At work I have a Ptomaine Tavern. Naturally I can't eat there because the food is all fried or full of the wrong kind of grease. You know the drill, hamburgers, french fries, fried green tomatoes, fried okra, pintos with bacon grease in them, etc. Luckily though I do have access to a fridge and a microwave. I have to bring in my breakfast and my lunch in the morning. This means that four days a week I put in 10 hours a day, commute 1, go home and prepare three meals. The only answer to that is to cook up a lot on the weekend which I try to do but DH doesn't like for us to stay home on weekends. He can't stand to stay home or to do anything without me. There is really no answer to this except to do the best I can because in addition to all of that I don't like foods from a can. I was brought up on a farm with all home cooked meals. Once you have that you can't go back to canned stuff so I am a scratch cook. If you know any secret canned foods that do not have fat or sugar in them and are really good please let me know. I don't even like canned fruit except for marachino cherries. LOL You gotta laugh!

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Yellowhair, what are skinny cows?

Beverly, you are not alone, I don't like wheat bread either. I was raised on white bread. My friend (she is trying to lose too) and I decided all the food that tastes good has fat in it lol.

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I couldn't stand it anymore - I peeked on the scales this morning and my plateau finally broke. I have lost 1 1/2 I still have 2 events before Monday - Italian dinner tomorrow night and chinese food night Sat with movies and plan...keep counting my points, eat healthy. I have checked the WW website for eating out tips (can never have enough ammo...doing my 'homework and preparing'). I have decided to go for pasta with a light tomato sauce and I won't feel bad leaving some on the plate. Any noise from anyone and I will do my 'Happy Dance' around the table or at least threaten to! I will remind them I am 'pleasantly full' and 'quite pleased with my efforts'. As for the chinese dinner...I will take smaller portions, try not to pull the sauces onto my plate and have boiled rice not fried. Also, will just have yogurt and fruit during the day and save my points up AND

do my homework on eating out chinese ...

Beverly - you DH is goiing to have to compromise. Your health is sooooo precious. I will write more when I get to's 7 am and I have to run for my bus!


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Beverly, DH will have to help you with this...put your foot down. If he loves you (I'm sure he does!), he should at least empathize with your efforts and help. Tell him you would be appreciative for a little more support and tell him you want a 'time compromise' need to prepare your meals. Ask him if he'd like to grow old alone! Tell him if you don't take heed to your doctors advice now, he could wind up spending a lot more time alone because you could wind up very ill...

Do you have a crock pot? They are great time savers...if DH wants to get out, you can pot cook stews, soups, pot roasts while you are out and about with DH.

Fruit salads...get those plastic containers out, make your fruit salad in a big bowl or prepare/wash your fruits ahead and stuff them into grab'n'go for your work days. I save those large margarine containers.

Have you considered those microwave plates that have lids and sections in them? You could put cooked foods in them to grab'n'go from the fridge for a hot lunch. (Again, DH will have to allow you some cooking time).

I like to get out on the weekends and when garden season hits I hate spending any time indoors...Sat morning when I get up and have my coffee brewing...I slam the pots on the stove and start my cooking right away. DH thinks I am bonkers but rice takes 20 minutes and freezes beautifully, I soak my soup peas/bean/lentils etc the night before, rinse them Sat morning and put them on a slow simmer first thing. Split pea or lentil soup only takes 20 - 40 minutes. By the time breakfast is done with and I am cleaning up the kitchen, the soups are almost done. They freeze well so you can cook in quantity.

If I have baking to do, I try to get that cracking as well.

I know it sounds like a fury of kitchen activity first thing but when its done, it's done!

Put DH on this thread - I wanna talk to him!!!!

C'mon gals - I am not familiar with the products in your areas - let's put our heads together and help Beverly with her tactics and meals.

LOL ((((((Beverly)))))

Hang in there. As for the white vs brown bread...I think I would compromise if having those egg beaters and have my white toast. Something I can honestly enjoy during the meal.

Let us know what you think about this.


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Well, what a start to the day! I ate my bowl of oatmeal, my vitamin and some coffee at home and then came to work. Here comes a lady from the next door office with a box of fresh, warm donuts. She stuck the box under my nose and I explained that I had just lost 16.5 lbs., and she quickly grabbed the box back! I almost chased her down the hall to get my donut! LOL
So it's only 9am and I've already had 9 points! I usually don't have that many when I go home from work at 4:15 pm!!!

Again, thank goodness for the flex points!

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Alice, I had to ask the same question a couple of weeks ago about the Skinney Cow. See below. And you are not alone in thinking that all good food has fat in it. Also, if one doughnut is good, then how wonderful is three. LOL

MaryAnn, you are my type of girl. Doughnuts and Sausageballs are my downfalls. When I walk around in the complex I have to go by the auditorium and if there is training going on in there then there are usually boxes of doughnuts sitting on tables where I am walking. It is soooo tempting.

McPeg, I'm so proud of you! I don't see how you loose weight having to go to the dinners and celebrations you go to.

Actually I have a very supportive husband. I guess sometimes I expect him to read my mind and know what I need and he can't do that. I will have to speak to him about this cooking I need to do on the weekend. I do have one of those microwavable sectioned plates and use it sometimes. The thing I don't like about it is if it gets turned up the least little bit the stuff in it runs together.

I would love to cook some pinto beans or navy beans in the crockpot but they never turn out for me. They are either too hard, or they wind up with too much water in them or both. What is the secret? Now that I have thought about this I think I will cook some pintos in the pressure saucepan tomorrow. I use it nearly every day anyway. If anyone don't have one, let me tell you, they are great. Potatoes cook in them in five minutes!

I am only allowed 11 saturated fat grams a day which means very little meat, practically no oil or margarine. I discoverd "Amy's Products" and I bought the vegetable and tofu enchaladas. This was my first experience with tofu and I couldn't taste it at all and suprisingly the enchaladas were very good. There was no saturated fat and only five fat grams altogether. As I've said before though, I have to be careful because my mentality is, if one enchalada is good then two is better.

I had one enchalada last night with some purple hull peas and some asparagus. For breakfast this morning I had an eggbeater with onion and red bell pepper in it, and I made myself eat some wheat toast with "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Spray. Also had 1 tsp grape jelly. I didn't have a snack and for lunch today I had the other enchalada, some turnip greens and brussel sprouts. I am lucky that I like boiled okra and intend to have some tonight but I don't know what else.

I am not loosing any weight and I looked at the side effects of some of the new medication I have started taking and one of them is "weight gain." Yes, I have to take the medication. Oh well, I'll keep trudging along and trying. I'm not giving up! Oh gee whiz, I didn't mean to write a book!

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Well, today's another day, and TGIF!!! I think that donut yesterday made a bad start for the day for me. I did okay till after work, and then I couldn't get satisfied. I ate more than I should and didn't record any of it.

That was just 1 day though, and today I'm ready to go again! I've had my oatmeal and vitamin. Now I'm enjoying a couple cups of coffee before having to leave for work. It's supposed to be 70º here today and I'm hoping it will be clear for the weekend so we can ride!

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Good morning everyone!

Well, I see there are some problems with meal preparation and finding the time. I try to give myself about 1/2 hour to an hour at night, because I simply love to cook! We usually have dinner between 7-8pm.

One of the ways I love veggies is to roast them. I bought olive oil spray for this! Spray some olive oil on broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, onions, etc. Sprinkle on Mrs. Dash's Italian seasoning. Turn up the oven to about 425 degrees, and give a peek every 15 minutes. Turn them around that pan and roast until they start to caramelize. Really great with fish, chicken, pork, or beef. I leave mine in at least 45 mintues while I cook, but this is great to do ahead of time as it keeps in the fridge for days. You can even eat them cold on top of salad with some vinegar (already has a bit of oil on them!).

Not sure if this will be to all of your tastes, as I'm an Italian American gal from New Jersey. :-) I'm hearing about some foods here that are unfamiliar to me, but it can't hurt to try other foods that we can incorporate into our food plans. Helps to keep us from getting bored!

Good luck, and eat healthy!!!!

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Beverly, I've had problems with beans in the crockpot, too, but have learned that if I let them cook more----they get past the hard stage---and even frozen green beans will taste better if you leave them in the crockpot several more hours.

There is a has a whole recipe collection of meals, snacks, etc. You might want to check it out.

Well, I'm quite happy this morning---I am back to my weight before my virus. I've been walking more and trying to exercise more. Did my Ab roller last night---16 times. My goal is to add 1 more time each night.

I don't know what is wrong with me lately, but the past 2 days----I want to eat everything in the house. Thank God I bought fruit and had some Skinny cows (fat free ice cream sandwiches).

My DH also likes to get out of the house. I'm a homebody, plus I have a project that I'm working on in my office that I could just spend all day on. But, he likes to eat out, yesterday we went to Cracker Barrel---I got a veggie plate. It was delicious.

I've got so much to do this weekend. It is supposed to be pretty so I plan on working on my garden beds. Take care, everyone and have a great weekend.

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Well, here we are again and I really did bad already today. DH and I are both addicted to a restaurant in town. We had been going there several times a week, maybe twice for lunch and once for breakfast. We had given up breakfast and was only going once for lunch. This week we went twice. And what I am so addicted to is the Ranch Dressing and Cream of Chicken Soup. Pardon me if I've already told you this. Those are two of the worst things I could eat. I'm sure the soup is laden with chicken fat. Anyway, I'm not loosing any weight at all now so I must cut the restaurant completely out and I'm having a very hard time doing it.

Yellowhair, I love to eat out but I also love to cook and I'm a homebody also, and I love decorating more than anything. Thanks so much for the website.

Yesterday I bought a "Cooking Light" cookbook. The pictures in it make the food look scrumptious! I have also decided to try to cook some Asian Food. This is one of the cusines that I have never tried before. I went out and bought some fishsauce today because it seems all their food calls for it.

I know I really need to work in my flower beds this weekend but I will probably shirk that in favor of other things. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Reporting in from last night's italian dinner....
I ordered napoletonia? pasta (tomato sauce pasta) - 1.5 for the tomato sauce and NORMALLY 5.0 for the pasta - lunch serving - I ATE THE WHOLE BOWL DINNER SIZE. Goodness me! I went over my points by 2.5 yesterday (Had a glass of beer too! Bad McPeg). Today I have been ensuring to have my fruit salad (breakfast), had a lovely bread with raisin sandwich with small amount olive oil marg and going to have a no point mixed veggie soup mid-afternoon before going over to our friends for movie and chinese tonight.

WALKED to and back to the store for groceries - I have one of those pull carts on wheels because I LOVE WALKING - especially when it's sunny. So hopefully I recovered a few points round trip. Going out again for a walk to the garden centre and back. Try and recover a couple more points and soak up the sun. It is an actually crisp, cold sunny day in Scotland - our area has complete escaped the UK snow during the last week. I love walking in this weather - sheer delight!
Planning to take a bottle of strawberry flavoured water because there will be beer and wine and after last night I need to watch today and tomorrow. I enjoyed myself last night - did not touch any cheese garlic bread that surrounded me, nursed my beer throughout the meal and ate like I have never seen food before (tee hee).

Ah but I love a good challenge. So that was my adventure last night and today and I walking and stretching. Can't stay on too long - need ta get moving again.

Hope everyone hangs in there. Beverly, you are still doing fine because you keep trying new things and you are not quitting on yourself. What a star you are!

Yellowhair I am glad to see you recovering and getting back on track again. Fabulous. I agree with your comments on crockpot cooking. Slow cooking is great but so is pressure cooking if you have less time.

MaryAnn - okay so ya had a donut. I will have a few when I visit home or maybe just one because I now know better. You can't deny yourself life's small pleasures but you are well armed with knowledge now to recover and not feel bad for enjoying that donut. I know there will always be donuts but it will taste so much better for me if I can achieve my goal by end summer and have one wearing size 12 pants. Then it will be worth it!

Big Mama, I know you have had a tough time but you keep coming back. I have absolutely no idea what it's like for you I can only understand food. I admire you for taking care of yourself and still coming back to talk to us. Don't let go - I am reaching out to you and hanging onto your hand! You can do this. Forget yesterday if you had any bad ones and focus on taking care of yourself today. Take some time today to give yourself some pamper time - a nice walk or soak in the tub, get a nice haircut/curl, buy a new pair of funky socks/shirt or something...or simply turn off the phone, close the door and have some quiet time with a good book.

Let's make today count - no matter what we do. Life is precious and so are we!

Cheers, gotta stroll!


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I love to read your posts, McPeg! I think you have got it all together! "Let's make today count" is a great motto! And everyday is a new day. I keep an Excel spreadsheet with my weight and points. I also have a column for my water, green tea and vitamin. That way I'm reminded! Every morning, no matter how the day before was, I open my Excel and start over with my 20 points for the day. At a quick glance I can see my starting weight and each weeks entry for 23 weeks. Only 2 or 3 weeks showed an increase. All the others showed a loss or held the same. When I see the drop of 16½ lbs from start to present, I am energized to continue to eat healthy!
My main target area to lose weight has been in my stomach. I can remember when I was in my 20's and 30's, all extra weight went to my hips and thighs. But in my 40's and 50's the weight has gone to my stomach! Now when I look in the mirror I am happy with the loss in that area! I'm not doing the exercises as often as I should, but I'm trying!

It's true! Nothing taste as good as being thin feels! At least for me that's true!

I so amazed at what I've learned from keeping points the WW way! And I have never joined the program or gone to a meeting. But just being aware of the fat content, calories and fiber in foods has changed my whole way of thinking about food. I've always been a calorie counter when trying to lose weight, but now I've learned there is so much more! Armed with my new knowledge, I feel that I will be able to use t for the rest of my life to stay in shape! Of course, I'll always eat high fat foods from time to time, but on the average I will make good choices.
It's so important to find something that works for you as an individual. We are all so different!

McPeg, I need to walk more, but I am so spoiled here in South Texas! I don't want to spend much time outdoors when the temps drop below 65º! LOL

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Hi Ya! Okay, I have 11 points left for dinner tonight, walked off my meal/extra consumed points from yesterday - even at a gentle stroll you can burn slices of bread, spoons of pasta away. So tonight it's friends, chinese food and a movie. I have lightened today for later and tomorrow will start the day with fruit and toast. Instead of butter I really enjoy HP sauce - gives toast a spicy taste. No points and a little goes a long way.

MaryAnn, I too enjoy reading your posts. I am learning every week from everyone's experiences and still striving for that goal. Your excel spreadsheet is great! By able to see your over all process along the way it makes it easier not to panic when you have the occasional treat.

I am feeling lighter, better.

Hope everyone is having a great day today!


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Beautiful day here! Good afternoon to all! I've done some winter sowing--about 10 pots of flowers and a few veggies---also did about 5 for my inside window sill.

I ate cereal for lunch, wan't that hungry for breakfast. Just had a naughty piece of scrumptious bread (and I usually don't even like bread) but it's like garlic, tomato, and herbs----ahhhh. Gotta learn to bake something like this in fat free!! lol I did have a diet drink with it.

My DH and I stopped at our big new Kroger yesterday to get a salad from their humongous salad bar----well, we had to pass the bread to get there. Hence, the bad bad bread.

Speaking of bread, here's a recipe I got from the site and it was by "Ruth Hoffman."
Baked Pita Chips

6 thin, lowfat wholewheat pita rounds (the pocket kind)
nonstick spray
Mrs. Dash or salt-free lemon pepper seasoning

Split pitas horizontally into large disks. Spray each side (what was the inside) with the nonstick spray. Sprinkle on the seasoning. Cut each round into six wedges. Spread wedges in single layer on a baking sheet. Bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes or till crisp.

Serve as dippers for Sweet Red Pepper Spread or other dip. Can keep in airtight container for a few days.

Sounds good, want to try this! Have a great day, everybody! Keep walking!

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Hi everyone!

Beverly, thanks for the skinny cow link.

DD and I walked to a little cafe about 1 1/2 miles away, and had salads for lunch. I didn't have dressing on mine, it comes with grilled skinless chicken breast, it was very yummy! We then walked to the lake, and walked the nature trail, and then walked back home. We must have walked a total of an hour and forty-five min.

The girl scout cookies are in, I haven't had one, if I can get through that, I can get through anything!

I hope everyone else is having a great day!

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