Two questions- one specific to Mme Alexander

thrift_shop_romanticMay 23, 2007


This is my first time posting in this area, not because I don't love old dolls, but because I've never had any to fix up before. So this is pretty exciting for me.

I bought over the weekend at a church rummage a lovely plastic bodied Madame Alexander Alice in Wonderland from the 60s. She is in need of a little TLC.

Anyone have any recommendations for taking off a bit of dirt smudged into her face without harming her?

Also, while she came with shoes and socks, they're white shoes and short socks that aren't like the other dolls of this kind I've seen online. I don't think they're correct. Does anyone know of a resource where I a.) confirm she never came with white shoes and socks) and b.) could buy the white stockings and black shoes Alice came with?

Many thanks in advance for any insights on this. I want to make sure I'm helping and not harming her. :-) Alice is one of my favorite story characters and I'd like to display her in my home with an old copy of the book and a tin "Queen of Hearts" tea set.


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Hi Jenn

I am new to this board too - hope you get to see this.

For the face I would use a cotton bud (I think you guys call them Q tips) and diluted soapy water (dishwashing liquid) and start somewhere away from her face and gently rub in little circles to see if it cleans and does no damage.

If it works - move on to the more sensitive areas - little circle movements and a little area at a time.

Hope this helps

Sorry - i'm in the wrong country and wrong era and wrong material type to be of much help with the style and sock/shoe question.

And besides - what would a bloke know about style :)


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my mom was a doll restorer.she used GOOP HANDCLEANER to remove lipstick, magic marker, etc for plastic and ceramic dolls. i read on the web u can try WD40 also . i would ''TRY it ON AN UNDER clothes area.
as for the second question. MADAME ALEXANDER passed away yrs ago.and her line went mass production.up until her death she was an icon.there are book is the library which will shows pictures of her dolls.

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