Hats....How to make hat bands fit properly?

joyce58May 1, 2006

I am making and decorating small straw hats.

Is there a trick to making the ribbon band fit the hat crown properly? I would think that stretching and ironing in a certain way might do it...Can anyone explain this to me?



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Hello Joyce,
I haven't put bands in hats, but your idea of maybe stretching the band as you sew it might be a good idea. Seems it might make the hat stay on better. Why not try a couple of your ideas and see what works? Akways can take it out.
I wanted to reply to your message, because I am upset that there is almost no activity on this site. I like making ragdolls mostly, but would like to make other kinds too. There have got to be many dollmakers out there, but they are sure not on this forum!!!
Good luck. Maybe get in touch with a dollmaking group in your area and find someone to ask in person?

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