Muslin Bunnies

tammyMay 21, 2001

Does anyone know where I can find those little muslin craft bunnies that were so popular a few years ago. I have checked walmart, Ames, Micheals, Total Crafts, AC Moore, Ben Franklin....and I am out of places to check

thanks for your help

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Follow the link below and put "rabbit" in the search box on top after you click on the "go shopping" link...I came up with a whole bunch of different sizes. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Sunshine Discount Crafts

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Try Brian's Crafts Unlimited - (386)672-2726. I get my bunnies there and their prices are reasonable and service friendly. EMail them to get their craft leaflet.

The 5" size is $10.50 a dozen, 8" -$15/doz and 12"-$14 for 6 each.


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I posted a link some time back for CR's Crafts and I know they have them.

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THANK YOU! I found what I was looking for!!

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My husband and I are preparing a nursery with a "bunnies in the garden" theme. Obviously, I'm interested in anything relating to bunnies and/or the garden but specifically I am searching for a large muslin or other type bunny (approximately 3 to 5 ft tall) to place in a home made 1' x 3' wood swing hanging from the ceiling in front of a wall garden muriel.

Any tips on where I might find such a bunny or a pattern to make it myself?


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I am looking for muslin bunnies as well - but already finished. About 18" or so in length - dressed as a boy or girl - I'm looking for a boy.

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