Weekly Weigh-in, week of 1/24/10

harold14370January 24, 2010

Hi, gang. I'll make this short today. Here are my results for this week. I'm almost there. I should be posting my before and after pictures sometime this week, I think.

Weight 181

Loss this wk 1

Avg Calories Last 7 Days 2063

Avg Exercise Calories Last 7 Days 354

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Well, I stayed the same to-day - 162. I'm rather pleased that I hadn't gained some, as I have been bad a few time this past week..

Where is everyone else???

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Hi All

Congrats on ur weigh ins.

I was 128.2 this morning. Did not lose any weight. Happy that I did not gain either:-))


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Well, I weighed this morning and am down 1/2 a pound - total of 30.5 I was hoping that it would have been a bit more. But at least it didn't go up.
We'll see what happns next week.

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Harold, when you say you walk 10,000 steps a day, is this just in your everyday doings or is part on a treadmill.

It seems a lot unless it was for a postman or something. I do well to manage 3,000 or just a bit more, sometimes less.

You surely must be proud of yourself and have every right to be

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Hi Harold and Ivamae

I see you guys are doing good. I have been off on my calorie control these days. Have been averaging about 2000/day. Thats too much food for me:-))))

My weight today was 129.2 which is 1.2 pounds more than I weighed last week.

You guys have a good and healthy weekend!!!

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I'm so happy this morning - Feb10/10. I lost a pound and a half. I'm now down to what I was when I was fisrt started on prednisone - 160 pounds.

My cardiologist says I don't need to lose more, but I do want to get down to at least 150. I'm fairly tall and big boned, also 79 years old so can't exercise as much as if I were younger.

Lets hear from the rest of you.

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Hi Ivamae

Thats nice ..

I havent had a chance to weigh this week. I am in a maintenance mode from past 3 months .. So am really happy as long as I do not gain any weight. Thank fully I did not gain any weight in Holidays but do seem to have been binging a lot this month with quite a few Bday parties around.
Anyway, I have to get back to my workout schedule and reduce another 10 pounds to be on the slimmer side.
Harold.. hope you are doing well too.

I will post my weight tomorrow. ;-))
Cheers and take care

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