New Beginning

momoboysJanuary 6, 2009

Hi, I just started my HCG protocol today!! I thought the injection might hurt...not at all. This is the heaviest I have ever been in my life (even more than when I was 9 mo. with any of my 5 sons!!) Starting at 228.2 YUCK! My Dr. said it may take me 3 rounds, hopefully by May??? The Dr. had a special, I also get 2 free laser treatments when this is all done!! So, like I said I have 5 sons, I'm 46, and I had 2 surgeries last year....really took a toll on me. I'm married to the most wonderful man and we are going on 26 years!!! Something I'm VERY proud of!!!! I can't wait to get back into all of the pretty clothes I have. I have one daughter in law ( I don't like to put the "in law" part on there) and my second son is pretty serious with his girlfriend so this means SHOPPING when I'm at goal!! Like most moms, we put ourselves last, this is my year!! Thanks for "listening" Take care!

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Hang in there! You can do it. I started five weeks ago at almost 300 pounds, and have lost 18 so far. So I'm still a lot heavier than you, but I know I can do it and MUST do it (recently diagnosed with diabetes.) You can do it too.

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Thanks for your kind words!! So far I have lost 8.4 pounds and today was VLCD 8. So I think I'm doing pretty good! I went back to the Dr. yesterday and she said I could possibly lose 35. I'll be happy with 20! I keep telling myself that every injection is one less that I have to do, and to be honest I didn't think I could do it but I want this SO bad and I am SO committed to this. You, too will succeed. We just have to tell ourselves that every day we stay on the protocol is one day closer to a healthier and happier us!! Call me crazy but my stomach seems smaller, just getting up from the chair is already better!! ONE DAY CLOSER!! Hang in there and take care! :)

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WOO HOO!!! Down more, so my total is 10.2!!! I feel so stoked about this! I'm feeling great, ONE DAY CLOSER!! Thanks for the support ;)

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Hi, How is your progress? How are you feeling about the diabetes? I sure hope you are well :) As for me, today is my 13th day and as of this morning I'm down 13.8 pounds. I feel FANTASTIC!! I have more energy, as a matter of fact I started redoing my office. I go to the Dr. this afternoon for my next batch of injections. Every one I give myself is one less I have to do!! Well, please take care, I'd enjoy hearing about your journey.

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