Pillowcase doll pattren

sweetkitten51April 22, 2009

I am in need of instuction and pattren to make pillowcase doll.

Can any one help me?

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Step 1

Lay the pillow case flat. Press each side with a hot iron to remove wrinkles.

Step 2

Take the top corners of the pillow case and tie a single knot in each side. Tie the knot so there are a few inches of material below the knot; these are the arms of the doll.

Step 3

Open the pillow case up. Stuff a wad of batting in the top of the pillowcase, between the two arms. Form the batting into a ball.

Step 4

Gather the pillowcase around the bottom of the batting. Wrap a rubber band around the bottom so that the ball makes a head.

Step 5

Glue or sew a piece of lace over the top of the head to form the brim of a bonnet. Tie a piece of ribbon around the neck of the doll to form the bonnet ties and to cover the rubber band.

Step 6

Embroider a face on the doll. Draw a face on with permanent markers, or leave the face blank if you prefer.

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