Hilde's bathroom disaster

kathyg_in_miJanuary 5, 2003

Did anyone see the Trading Spaces episode with Hilde doing a bathroom with 6,000 flower heads. I feel it was a major disaster! Would hate to be the one to pull out all of those staples! Agree or disagree?

Kathy G in MI

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Totally agree. Not to mention the mildew and dust.

not to mention the candle sconces she had lit, that would tend to catch the darn things on FIRE!!!!

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It was such a nice bathroom to begin with. I can't understand why that couple offered it up to Trading Spaces. It was plain beforehand but after Hilde, it was atrocious.

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yep.....awful!! I'm not a fan of trading spaces....but just happened to surf by at the "reveal"...Blech!...Yukkie-poo!....Kaka!!
Linda C

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this one made me sick!! could you imagine having to take this mess down? lets see 6000 flower heads X 2 staples each, hmmm 12,000 minimum on the staples, and 24,000 holes!
yikes! and the curtain she made and put here and there flowers on......looked like a 1960's swimming cap i once owned. gave me a headache, and so did hilde's hideous design. heehee. i cant believe the owners actually acted like they liked it. jeez....

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Whoever installed the 12,000 staples showed extremely poor judgement and must be forced(at gunpoint if necessary) to pull out, by hand, every one, of course, the man who approved(if there was anyone reponsibile) should pull half of them.. The "trading spaces" is about one silly useless show..it demonstrates quite well how things should NOT be done.

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This show shows exactly how decorators should NOT be used. One should never let a decorator make decisions, but rather suggest alternatives. Hilde is a B@#$h, has poor taste, and has no right to push people into her DESIGN ideas. One hires a decorator to solve specific problems, suggest ideas that fit into your life style, and provide purchasing help. What they do in their own homes is their choice, but what they suggest for me had better fit into MY LIFE!

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I enjoy the entertainment but I don't know why anyone would let these people into their homes. Unless you're financially strapped and don't care what damage is done to your home, I can't see what you gain besides a little excitement and a little 'fame'. If I can see on my 19 inch television screen that the work they're doing is half-a$$ed, then it must be really obvious if you're standing in front of it. Even the decent designers have to cut corners to get things finished in 2 days.

Painted upholstered furniture??? Floors and furniture that have been prepped, primed, painted and poly'd all over night??? Furniture made out of MDF and foam????

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The ones I love are where they decide to strip wallpaper and then paint. my experiance is that wallpaper is used to cover up problems, and that it takes a lot of cleaning and patching to get a surface ready to paint. Strip a kitchen and then paint in the same day? Not unless you want to see the paint flake off in a month. Hey lets strip the paper, paint over the glue, and it will never show on TV. I work in theater, and I know what it takes to make a set look good... What you see on stage or on TV usually is a far cry from what you see close up. Its easy to make a set look good on TV, but once you see it up close, you can see where all the short cuts have been taken.

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Anyone see the one where they put hay on the walls of a family room. What a fire trap.


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Now that you mention it, Dave...it is a little like a stage set. Stryofoam walls, basted curtains, plywood "sculpture" and all! LOL!
BUT...it has an audience! The designs you love to hate!
Linda C

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Attached is an article on this episode.

Here is a link that might be useful: Trading Spaces - Bathroom

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This show has been on for at least 2 or 3 years now. These people getting their house redecorated can't say they didn't know that something extremely bad would happen. These homeowners deserve what they get.

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The funny thing is the first few episodes of that show, they didn't have INTERIOR DESIGNERS it was just 2 grunts that helped each couple fix the other persons house. And the teams were in charge of the designs themselves. But popularity got the best of Trading Spaces and now they are way too trendy with so many different designers to choose from, so it really kind of destroyed the whole TRADING SPACES theme, should be called GETTING an INTERIOR DESIGNER that doesn't care what you think.

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Spyder, thanks for the link, I enjoyed it.
BurnOut, We all ways laugh when we see some of the older shows. No personalities in those, very dry compared to now. Wish I would see the first couple of shows with no designers, that would be interesting I am sure.
I heard there is a new show starting soon on HGTV that is similar to TS? Anybody know when and what time?
Kathy G in MI

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I agree...some of their ideas are pretty wild. I hate it when the people ask that the furniture or fireplace be left alone and not painted and the designers ignore their request and do it anyway. No way they ever would be allowed in my house!

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Agree!!! I am starting to think they must pay these people to let them in their houses. I think in the beginning the program was good, but lately these designers have gone nuts.

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Most of Hildes work is a disaster....

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I love watching TS!

It truly is the current Jerry Springer Show. You watch only for shock value and to see what sort of lunatics would offer up their home to those "designers".

LOL - At least they got rid of "Lamp Lady". She really was the worst!


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Wonderful way to describe TS "the Jerry Springer Show of Home Design". :-)
Kathy G in MI

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who was the lamplady? the skinny blonde one?

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I don't know, I feel like the Ghost of the Lamp Lady is back in the form of Kia!

(Dez was the Lamp Lady. Lady who had funky taste in design, that might - might - look good in a cafe latte shop in Manhattan, but not in your bedroom).

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Kia - - now that woman is truly a disaster. I'm no longer an avid watcher of TS - it got too weird and scripted for me. When I do watch it, I just look at what's being done and ignore the chatter and acting. The fact that they think that we'll believe that it's all ad-lib is insulting. But, from the designs, I can sometimes pick up a few things that I would like to try, and lots of things that I wouldn't!

If I HAD to have one of those designers in my house, it'd be Vern. He's pleasant, engaging, and far more normal than the others.

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