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lunchlady1948January 8, 2007

Where is everyone??? Come on back and post!

For the first time I made the veggie soup that is in the first week book they give you at WW's LOL!! It is good, does anyone else make it?? I added a bit of leftover chicken to my bowl and had it for dinner and packed up the rest to have when I am hungry:)

I need to get with it!!! This morning I was really beating myself up for gaining too much weight back:( DARN holidays!!! I can not gain weight! I will have no pants to wear:(

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Busy times right now personally and at work. We did a commitment exercise, and I made a big step and committed to 6 pounds by first meeting in Feb.

For me that's aggressive as I lose very slowly.

This week I have really focused on dairy, fruit/veggies, and H2O. (realized that I was only at about 32 oz of non-caffeine beverages a day, and I'm really working on finishing my 24 oz bottle 3 times each day).

Wanted to also fit in exercise, and I'm mentally motivated. Just have no time. (DH's father is in ICU and DH had to dash out of town and I don't know when he'll be able to return so I'm doing everything around here this week.)

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I haven't been here for a while either...my parents were in a really bad car accident acouple of months ago. We are just finally putting our lives back together.
I am going to my first WW meeting tonight in I don't know how long. I know I have packed on all my weight I am such an emotional eater and with every thing that's gone on in the last couple of months I totally fell off the wagon!
But I promised myself to get back on track.

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Hello, just came over from the Daylily forum. Last September/October were really tough months for me physically. I was diagnosed with hypertension...my doctor gave me two alternatives, meds or diet/exercise. I chose diet/exericse. My DH purchased a family memebership at our YMCA, so I started swimming three times a week. I've been reading labels and cutting back on portion size. At my November doc visit, I had lost 8lbs., BP was still high. I'm pretty sure I gained some back over the holidays. If I did, I'll be a little disappointed, but I know I can loose the weight and will get back on track now that the holidays are over. BTW, I don't own a scale, if I did I'd be obsessed about weighing myself. I have a doc's appointment today and will get weighed there.

lunchlady...any chance of getting the recipe for WW veggie soup?

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TK and FW, sorry to hear about your family memebers. I know all about emotional eating, I think I am your Queen :)
I am a worry wart~~~it is my resolution to put a stop to it, I can not control things so why worry about it:( It is very hard for me:(

DLily congrats on your weight loss!! My DD and her family go to the Y all of the time she does yoga there and one class that is yoplaties (may have spelled it wrong. She loves it!

TK I agree with you on focusing on a few things at a time. Breaking it down into small goals makes it easier for me too.

YAHOO!!! I have lost 2lbs so far this week:) Just cutting out junk and salt gives me a quick 2 pound loss everytime~~~so why do I eat that junk??? Now I need to melt off 3-4 more pounds before the end of the month so when I do my January WI I will be within two pounds of my goal weight if I am lucky maybe even at goal and not have to pay! I also have an appt at CURVES tomorrow to learn the advanced workout and see if it is for me. I love CURVES but I need to step it up~~I would rather step it up there than have to go find another form of exercise to add to it.

Garden Veggie Soup

2/3 cup sliced carrots
1/2 cup diced onion
2 garlic cloves minced
3 cups fat-free broth (beef
chicken or veggie)
1/2 cup green beans
1 tbl tomato paste
1/2 tsp dried oregano
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 cup diced zucchini
1 1/2 cups cabbage diced

1. In lg saucepan spray with nonstick cooking spray, saute the carrots, onion, and garlic over low heat until softened, about 5 min.
2. Add broth, cabbage, beans, tomato paste, basil, oregano and salt~bring to boil. Lower heat and simmer covered, about 15 min until beans are tender.
3. Stir in zucchini and heat 3-4 mins.

Makes 4 1 cup servings
per serving~42 calories 0 gr fat 2 gr fiber
0 points per serving

I was a little hit and miss with it since I forgot to bring the recipe to the grocery with me~~but it is simple just add what veggies you want. I am having it again tonight with chicken and I added canned tomatoes. I had it last night too with grd turkey meat.

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So all this focusing on just a couple of areas (mainly water and eating 'plan' but also trying to hit the 5 fruits/vegies) has really worked!

I wore dress pants today that were a tad too snug to wear to a party last Saturday. I'll know more at WI tomorrow but I really feel it in the clothes.

Imagine when DH returns and I'm able to squeeze in 2 or 3 workouts a week!

At DD's gymnastics tonight, I watched how DD and the other girl have progressed thru the year. It's been gradual. The instructor starts them off small and adds things as time goes on and their strength increases.

I asked her if it was possible for a 42 year old woman who has never done a backbend to be able to do a backbend.

She said YES she has seen it in her yoga classes. It just takes gradual work, and you start off able to do very little, and over time with consistency, the flexibility and strenghs grow, and you can do something you never thought possible!

Boy that would be something! Me doing a backbend LOL

Anyway, I think the moral is: Consistency is key. Has it really been so hard this week for me to get 3 24oz bottles of water in instead of one? No, it just takes planning and forethought.

DH will hopefully come home tomorrow. Will probably go back to deal with decisions for his dad but for now DD and I just miss him and want to see him. We're supposed to go to our niece's wedding this weekend. Hopefully he can be here to go with us. Looks like his dad is in for a long recovery and rehab so he'll probably return to help out but hopefuly he can be back to be with us this weekend.

Lesson for us all, no matter the age. Before it's too late, set up powers of attorney and living wills so your loved ones can deal with surprise health issues much easier.

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TK good for you fitting into your pants:) I always notice weight changes in my toe rings LOL I am not kidding~~I too have been drinking more water for me that makes a big difference in my bloating:( One of the biggest thrill for me when I lost weight was being able to wear my wedding ring again:)

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Good Morning all. I'm back too and rededicated to WW healthy living now. I did so well while I was away over Christmas...I stayed the same. Then my cousin came for a week and while the week started out well,some how it fell apart near the end of the week. I WI yesterday and was sure I was up a few pounds and was prepared for that, but a miracle happened I was down a half pound. So I was so much more encouraged. Now I am pumped and ready to go.

I have started my exercise routine and have ingredients for fresh salads and soups. I still have problems with water, so I'm going to try drinking my water out of one of my beautiful crystal glasses with a slice of lemon. I've decided to use my good dishes on me and not just keep them in the china cabinet. What am I saving them for???

TK and FL, I'm sorry to hear about your family troubles. I now too well about serious illnesses. I lost my DH to cancer 3 years ago. I'm an emotional eater too and have a hard time getting a handle on things.

This week is a recommittment week for me and my goal for this week is to journal daily. That is a key for me. Next week will be drinking the water. My 16 year old daughter drinks alot of water, so I'm going to try to match her drink for drink.

Have a good week everyone, and strength to those who need it.

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Hi everyone....running around like a chicken with my head cut off but working hard on all that I need to do...headed out the door but had to check in...I am right on at 148 so doing OK....Everyone Eat Good!....but stay on plan.

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Alas, 148, I knew ye well. Wish I could see you again soon!

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QBee glad to see you back:) Yes, water is our friend should be our best friend. I love it but have a hard time in the winter drinking it~~I am trying to down 16oz every hour at work~~~has helped me.

YAHOO!!! I am down to 149 just three pounds from my goal weight. I wish I was at 148 like Ruthie:) I have been talking to myself and yelling at myself to not gain so much again it was not worth it. Nothing I ate was that great!!

AND!! I did the advanced work out at CURVES!! I did good but would have done 100% better had I not stopped working out all of December!!! I was sick but more lazy! WHEW!! That work out was tough~~~but you only go balls to the wall one time around the curcuit, I can do that three times a week. I am glad I did it~~I feel good right now:)

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OK gals, I have a question about the new WW monthly pass.
Can you go to meetings anywhere with that or
do you need to go to the same location?
I am going to join but dreading those scales.
Wonder if they keep kleenexes on hand?

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Went to my doc's appt. and BP was up even after loosing the eight pounds. I stayed firmly at 152 over the holiday's. My goal is 145 lbs. I still haven't been feeling well and asked to be put on meds for HBP, doc agreed, wrote out script then recommended cutting salt and adding Omega 3. I've cut back on salt since September and have been taking 'Coromega' faithfully every morning since my kids Pediatrician recommended it, he takes it also. So now it's time to add the H2O. I'm going to get a Dunkin Donuts large water cup with a straw and keep refilling it. Think I can trick myself into thinking it's a Strawberry Banana Smoothie? LOL

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Daylilylady, seems a lot of people I know are having issues with HBP. The last time I was at the drs, mine was elevated some, so I'm hoping that losing weight and exercising will bring it under control.

I have been buying flavoured water by Danone (I think) and I seem to be able drink that better than water. I've also added some splenda flavoured crystals to my water and that helps too.

When I weighed in this week I stayed the same, so I was pleased. Now this week I'm going to try to stay focused and get a dent in this weight loss. I would really love to buy a new wardrobe for the summer.

Lunchlady, I do that too, eat something and usually so fast that I didn't even taste it and then the next day I'm up 2 pounds. Then it takes a week or so to get it off.

Hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend. We are supposed to be getting colder temperatures here. So far, our winter has been so mild and no snow. What a bonus.

Eat well and enjoy the weekend.

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