Crown Moulding separating from ceiling...What to do?

alexismJanuary 17, 2011

My husband and I recently purchased a home near Houston, TX. The house is seven years old. Last week we went to Colorado to visit friends. We returned home and noticed that all of the crown moulding upstairs had cracks where they meet up as well as across the top near theceiling. Also the door frames downstairs are now cracked in the corners. It was an abnormally cold week in Houston last week so I'm wondering if this could be a foundation issue or if it will go back once the weather warms up. Thank you for your help and advice in advance.

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Did you keep the house heated in your absence? You may be dealing with foundation issues that need to be addressed. You might check with neighbors to see if they have had similar issues.

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The humidity is lower in the winter during heating season and wood shrinks.

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We kept the house around 70 while we were gone. I haven't checked with the neighbors yet.

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There is nothing wrong with the foundation.

Abnormally cold = abnormally dry.

Check what were the dew points while you were away? Houston rarely sees dew points below 40 F for an extended time.

The central heat continually dries out the air, and without mixing in fresh air, it just gets drier and drier inside the house. When you keep the house completelty closed up and run the heater for several days, this will make the inside dew point even lower than outside. When you are home, each time you open a door or window, it allows the fresh outside air to mix in.

In the desert, people have the opposite problem during the summer monsoon. Everything swells up and doors don't close properly. The use of evaporative coolers amplifies the problem.

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