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sharburkJanuary 28, 2008

After reaching a all time high with my weight, I joined Jenny Craig today. So, I'm peeking in here with other dieters. It doesn't look as if many here are using JC, any specific reason?

I'm "older" and have tried all kinds of diets over the years. I find they all work, if you follow them. But, this time I wanted a more structured plan, one that tells me exactly what to eat and has it measured for me. So, Jenny Craig this time. I keep hoping that this is the last time.

The only thing that I didn't care for while meeting with them was the obvious anger of the woman when I told her I would do the plan that is on special for $20 plus cost of food. She wanted me to sign up for the longer more expensive plan..

Tomorrow I start with my little boxes...

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I tried Jenny Craig a few years ago...got within 10 pounds of my goal. My daughter went on it with me and was a poster child for Jenny's program.

We ended up quiting because:

1. The price of the food. It was just too much after a while and when we got close to our goal weights, we thought we could do it on our own.

2. The consultants. Be sure, since you are the one PAYING, that you get a really enthusiastic consultant. Remember, the consultants at Jenny Craig are salespeople FIRST, and coaches second. If your consultant isn't HIGHLY motivating, then the program will stop working for you. My consultant, week after week, got bored with me and I with her. Switch consultants every month or so and change it up!

3. No support group to go to or talk with. Jenny Craig does not let their clients connect with each other. So successes and failures are not easy to track. You can join the "SS" group here on this forum and they will provide ALL the emotional diet support you need.

But Jenny Craig is good for:

1. The jump start! It's really motivating to get those first pounds falling off fast and jenny Craig will do that for you.

2. Stick to the food they give you. I LOVED the taste of the food and the fact that I didn't have to think about fixing meals, counting calories, and the pounds just kept coming off.

3. I liked having someone else track my progress, measurements, and weight. Having to account ot someone every week was a VERY GOOD THING!

Good luck on the program.

PS: Both my daughter and I gained ALL the weight back, and more. Now we are both going to the gym and trying to be realistic about weight loss and maintnance. The key: You have to MOVE YOUR BODY (exercise) to be successful. And eat natural, whole foods. But Jenny Craig is an EXCELLENT way to get started on your weight loss journey!

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Thank you Chicken for you response. I realized the day I joined JC that everyone there is basically a salesperson. The one that signed me up at Jenny Craig was visibly angry that I was going with the $20 for 20 pounds instead of the long term membership. Also, I have asked a couple of questions about dining out and I felt I knew more than the person I spoke with..

At my first week weigh in I lost 3 pounds. I did not even taste anything that was not part of the JC diet that week, so it wasn't a great loss for week one, but certainly a start. Like you, I'm enjoying not having to cook.

I also wanted some help with a jump start as I have not been able to stick with a diet recently and needed some help. I first joined WW in the 1960's, so I'm a long time dieter and know so well about it coming back.

I have joined a gym, all women, and I'm loving it! I look forward to going, so maybe this time will be different.. (smile)

Also, I'm very happy that I did the $20 registration because I think I'll be ready to do my own thing by that time. I've been very successful in the past by using WW and Lean Cuisine dinners.. My problem is keeping it off.

Good luck to all of you dieters.

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Good luck sharb, and good info on JC. I've always wondered about that and LA Weight Loss but with 2 DS's and DH who I have to cook for did not think I'd benefit as I'd still be surrounded by food. LOL. Maybe in my next life. (But not wishing away this one even if I am 15 pounds overweight...)

Lots-of-luck to you. Check in the SS support group & let us know how you are doing.

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This is the third time today I am writing about my positive weight watchers experience- and I promise I do not work for them! The most interesting thing is that you are accountable for your intake and need to write it all down. Writing down what and how much you eat is very eye opening. Even if you do not chose the ww program, I suggest you start a food journal- every teaspoon of peanut butter counts!

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