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vannieJanuary 19, 2007

Could some of ya'll who are on WW tell me what you typically eat in a day? I'm trying to decide if I can do this. Thanks

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vannie on weight watchers you can eat anything...you are just accountable for what you eat ...gotta stay in your point range...or strictly core stuff.

for breakfast I usually have one of these:
1. cereal and banana
2. oatmeal and whole grain toast
3. 2 slices of whole grain toast and 1 T cream cheese with sugarless jam...
4.Whole grain toast and a scrambled egg with extra egg whites..

For lunch ....
1. A salad
2. A sandwich on WG bread with a low fat meat..turkey chicken even ham .....no-fat miracle whip or mustard, lots of lettuce and tomato and fruit of some kind...sometimes tuna salad..yum a favorite.
3. A salad plate of fruit with cottage cheese and wasa crackers/bread
4. A progresso soup with wasa...

For dinner..I am not a big meat eater so meat is not a big deal to me...I eat it only to get the protein I need...I eat pretty much whatever anyone else eats just less of it and not fatty stuff...I made french fries for my husband and I ate 3 of them ...just had to get it out of my system...

Last night for example I had protein....salmon...salad, and a veggie combo of greens...I eat any kind of meat except fried and I eat any kind of veggies but am fortunate that the green ones are my favorites...

I eat no white stuff...no flour..no sugar and everything is as low in fat...not necessarily fat free cause somethings just don't taste right...but low fat is ok with me...I use 1 per cent milk but moved down to that slowly...

I try to get a snack in if I have the points and to keep me from being too hungry...I really like the SF-FF jello and especially the chocolate pudding so I have them always to snack on...

Hope this helps...if you have any specific questions let me know...Have you been to the weight watchers site or Dotties WW site?

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I am on the WW Flex Plan (counting points). A typical day for me would be something like:
Breakfast: Quaker Oats Weight Control Oatmeal
9:30 snack: piece of fruit
Lunch: Tuna salad and a 100 calorie pack of chips/baked cheetoes
3:00 snack: WW snack cake or fat-free yogurt/pc string cheese
Dinner: Chicken breast or turkey, 1/2 cup mashed potatoes or pasta or rice, vegetables
Dessert: Fat free chocolate pudding cup
I have been on WW since Nov 15th and lost 14.4 lbs. I didn't have an extreme amount of weight to lose to start out with. I only have 10 more lbs to reach goal.

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I had to get off the computer because the phone was ringing but I wanted to say one more thing...the weight that you are at determines how many points you can have....now lets say you have 25 points...you can use those just about any way you want to but most of us have learned that good solid food is the best way...you maximize the amount of food you get by making sure that each point counts...for instance...with one cracker you might get 5 pieces =1 point but change to a less fat more ww wheat cracker and you could probably have 10 or 15...the point is that you can learn to be selective about what you are eating...Wasa bread is a fabulous cracker/bread that goes wonderful as crunch in salad or anything...and so cheap in point count..do the math on your shopping trips and decide whether you want regular graham crackers where you can eat one or lo-fat where you can eat 2 for the same amount of points...now that was just an off the top of my head example...don't know if those counts are correct but you get the idea...

WW's is really about learning a lifestyle not about a diet..most of the WW's I know will tell you that they can't imagine eating any other way.

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Thanks for the info. I have tried to lose weight so many times that it is really hard to get enthusiastic enough about it to start again. I know everyone knows exactly what I am talking about. I've been to WW several years ago. How much exercise do they recommend?

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Last I heard WW's had a promo going on with no start up fee so now would be the time to join....all you do is pay the weekly fee....

They start you out with out an exercise but just encourage you to do it and then about week three, I think it is, they start encouraging you to get up and move it....

I was a real hater of exercise but now I miss it if I don't get around to it...

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