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lunchlady1948January 29, 2007

Good Evening ladies :)

Sorry I am late posting~~~if I do not get to it first thing in the morning my day just gets away from me.

Hope everyone is doing fine, I am still struggling with my 3 pounds:( At least I have not gained more than that??? So I will look on the positive side:)

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I'm still stalled and can't seem to lose. I keep creeping up. So last week I started back excercising. Doing the treadmill since the weather is the pits. I'm happy with my commitment, and it's not a 'chore' at this point.

Sporadic journaling last week but not where it should be. Baby steps! Starting back regular exercise is enough. So this week I started journaling again. Now that is tough to do regularly but I know it will help me understand why I'm stalled out.

As I have said before, I can't really rely on those 35 flex per week. To lose, I can only eat extra points that I earn thru activity. Otherwise I maintain or gain. I think it's metabolism and hormones.

Those 35 extra a week can make me lazy and I'll say - oh this bag of chips is ok since it's part of my 35 per week. But that sloppiness on writing it down can lead me down a path of no loss. :-)

As I walked on the treadmill this morning I thought to myself that journaling for me is something I have to make a part of my daily lifestyle. I'm sure if I kept the journaling up when I lost last time I would not have gained it back. It really keeps us honest with ourselves.

So this week's KEY!!! Journaling (and keeping up the treadmill). As I add things in one at a time, I don't want to leave another key habit behind.

Oh and H2O is going really well this week!

Hope you guys can also choose a Key to try and stick with for the week!

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An additional note:
How educating it is to really look everything up!

So I didn't have a chance to look up my salmon last night but knew I had enough points for a well rounded dinner.

Well....a cooked salmon filet is 7 points! I never would have guessed that if I did it in my head!

By comparison I looked up a cooked tilapia filet. It's only 2 points! What a difference!

See ---- that's the sort of points error that my lack of journaling and trying to 'do it in my head' will lead to.

Just wanted to share my experience today!

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Morning all...My name is Ruthie and I am a fataholic...well I am just piddling along without putting any real effort into it and I put on my good jeans this morning and they feel tight...I will be glad when the new treadmill gets here...I need it bad...lots of company and cooking for company and I haven't been bery good..I did make the decision though that I am reasonably happy at around 145 to 150 and my skin si looking ok but more and more wrinkles are beginning to show up and the skin isn't looking pretty on the rest of my body so I am not really going to worry about how many more pounds I can lose...I am going to concentrate on where I am and toning where I am...If I lose a few more in the process, that's OK but I do not at this point think I would like the look of my body at a much lesser weight...especially my face...remember I will be 68 soon and it is showing in my face.Hope everyone has a good day...eat healthy.

Gotta agree that it is always good to look up an item....I guess I had forgotten that salmon was 7 points cause I eat salmon a lot.

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Ruthie you made me LOL!!! I am glad to hear you say that about the wrinkly part. I see some gals that are way too skinny and look horrible. I agree with you too I feel OK at 145-150 also, but because my goal weight is 146 I need to stay at least 148 for WW's. Now if I could just get there LOL!!

My WW's leader is e-mailing us all everyweek now. I like it she gives us encouragement and advice and some recipes once in awhile. She just e-mailed today she thinks everyone is not eating all of their points milks, oils and water~~~I just e-mailed her back she is right about that with me, I am so freaked with my 2-3 pound gain I am starving myself for punishment:( I am going for my regular Friday meeting this week since my DH's days off have rotated to Sun/Mon. I think that will help me get back on track:)

TK when you talk about journaling what exactly do you mean?? Do you mean just tracking your points or a more personnal journal??? Like how you feel at the moment and what's going on with your day???

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Just tracking points. When I was on WW before, they called it journaling. Now they call it tracking, and I can't get out of the habit of calling it journaling :-)

I have often wanted to start journaling like a diary. My grandmother started doing it in 1970. She kept it up til her stroke about 3 years ago. Some of them are really interesting to read - the daily life of farmers, and news of the times, etc. They are really fascinating reading!

Speaking of milk, my journal yesterday showed that I hit most marks but missed my milk products for the day. Shows that I need to try and focus on dairies next. (one thing at a time though. Just need to get my tracking on track first).

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Doing good and feeling good today...gotta get to the kitchen and make some ff-sf chocolate pudding cause that is my favorite dessert...I really like it too so that is good...Hubs took a friend and me to eat barbecue a couple of days ago so we are having the leftovers tonight...nice lean brisket for me...going to get some exercise in now if you all will excussssse me.

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well changed my mind ...going to let him eat the barbecue and I made me some salmon patties..and a salad...decided I would eat lighter..

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Had my doc's appt. yesterday and was thrilled that I had reached my goal, 148lbs. I'm 5'8 so I'm happy to stay anywhere under 150. My cholesterol test came back fine. The only thing is my BP is still up a little...in the doctors office. Whenever DH takes it here at home it's almost normal. Doc gave me meds last visit and I'm watching salt, dropped 13 lbs, swimming laps 30 minutes more than three times a week. Just have to work on getting water in.

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