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lunchlady1948January 15, 2007

Good Evening Ladies

I am late again:) I have just been doing to much running around these last two days. Yesterday was the brunch I was going too YUMMMERS!! I did well, not great but well with my eating:) Today my DD's and I went to the beach shopping and to lunch, it was fun but I had to drive so i am pooped out now. But I got some nice charms for my braclet with a gift card to a cute shop at the beach that my older DD had given me for Christmas.

Tomorrow I am off to Orange County again, my third day in a row to take my mom to the dr then out for dinner WHEW!! Then Weds I am off to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch with a pal. That will be five days of having one meal out:( Not good for someone struggling:(

Hope all of you are having a nice week so far?? Drink lots of water and have fun!!

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To Kathy from last week's thread. I'm on the monthly pass, and I have a normal meeting I go to. But sometimes I miss it, and so I go to another location to WI.

Well - kinda let myself get down after last week's WI. I told you guys how I was fitting into pants better, and even my home scale showed me down. However, my WI was up last Thursday.

It hit me emotionally and I had to leave - could not stay for the meeting.

Intellectually I'm very aware that sometimes loss does not show up on the scale. But intellect cannot always make us feel better when it comes to our weight. Hoping to shake the blues and move off this darn plateau.

The key I'm adding back this week in addition to the H2O, is journaling more faithfully. Then maybe I can pinpoint the trouble spots better.

Have a great week!

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I go to WI tonight and am hoping for the best! I think I have done good but you never know.

Trekaren...keep your chin up. Sometimes it's more important to feel better about yourself than what the darn scale says. I know it's hard! I know there have been times I have worked really hard and the scale wont move and the next week I have lost. I think women retain more water than we realize and it plays havoc with us. At least that's what I blame it on! :0)

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Its cold up here in the Ottawa area. Hoping that I shiver some pounds off.

TreKaren, try not to get too down about the scale. I have found that some weeks when I feel so much thinner, I WI and I'm either up or stay the same. Then the weeks that I think I'm up, I'm down. I know how upsetting it is, but go by how you feel in your clothes...they never lie. I also find that if I have a gain, and don't stay for the meeting, I gain the next week too cause I seem to stray that week. We all go through this.

My weight loss is very slow. I have stayed the same since Dec. 16 which I am not complaining of because of the holidays and this week I'm down a pound. I've only lost 6.5#s so far. I have lots to lose. My leader stressed to me that I have to eat my daily points, plus my exercise points and make sure to have 2 tsp. of oil a day. When it is this cold, I don't like salads and she suggested that you drizzle the oil over your meat or veggies, potatoes, etc. and get it in this week. So this week I'm going to journal and get the oil in plus the water. It will have to be warm water and lemon as the cold water will just make me colder.

LunchLady good luck with the dining out. I find that I have to eat lots of salad when I go out and stay away from the bread and deserts.

Firemanswife, how was your WI.

Stay warm this week and make it count. We can do this.

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Morning all....I have been so bad...I can't seem to get back in the swing...I just read this article and it has a lot of wisdom in it.....I hope to get myself back on track...I am up more than two pounds and it doesn't feel good...

Going to get started with some exercise this morning...back to the grindstone now...eat well but watch it.

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I am off to work soon then on to CURVES I have not been since Friday~~I will WI there when I am sure no one can see the scale:( I have had 4 straight days of socializing and I can feel it. I am also having a family problem involving my mom and bro and it is stressing me and I feel down in the dumps. I just wish that life's problems did not make me eat!

TK do not beat yourself up about the WI. Maybe we are like our pets who grow extra hair to keep warm in the winter we put on a couple of extra pounds to keep warm too:)

We are all trying to make lifestyle changes in our eating and exercising and that takes time. We have bad habits to break and new ones to make and it all takes time. Let's just take it one day.

I am off to feed America's Kids, just wish I did not nibble it also:(

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TREKaren thanks for the info and I can make you smile.
Many moons ago when I went to WW a lady said she stuck with the diet and gained and the instructor said often your body fills the "empty" spots with fluid and the next week it would be gone if she hangs in there. So hang in there!!!! Hugs, Kathy

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Thanks Kathy and all! I'm hanging in there. Stressful week at work. DH's dad not doing any better. Wedding last weekend full of lots of family politics, but DD looked like a million dollars! Here is a link to a pic of DD with her cousin, too cute! You can tell that a lot of hard work went into this wedding.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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WHOA!! TK she is so beautiful, she looks like a bride. Thanks for sharing that pic I loved it!!

I am so glad it is Friday I think when we have Mondays off it makes the week seem longer I vote to only have Friday holidays!!!

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LL you are so right! Why did Friday seem so long in coming this week? I personally also blame the weather. Can't complain, compared to other parts of the country, but I didn't move to Atlanta to get winter weather LOL

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Adorable daughter...she looks like a princess...I bet she felt like one...

Well I have, without tooooo much effort, lost the two pounds I had gained...don't know what that was all about...I am going to set a goal for myself of 10 pounds by the end of Feb...Mid march would be more realistic but I am going to challenge myself...

We have to start paying for the gym as our freebie runs out so since we have lots of equipment at home, we have decided not to renew the membership...we are however going to get/order this. It's cheaper than a gum membership and we will have it at home to use with the other equipment...and we will pay for something that will belong to us instead of giving our money to the gym...

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TK, I agree with the rest...your daughter is beautiful. I hope you are in a better space this week than last. We all have difficult weeks to get through.

LL, how are you doing this weekend. I agree family stress makes me eat too. I have a DS that is going through financial problems and it upsets me that she is in this situation (her DSO and the D stands for dead) left her in a mess and we may have to help her out. I am trying hard to make logical decisions and not emotional ones, so after talking with her last night and I am taking the weekend to think if by my helping her will be the right thing to do. She is in way over her head.

I have been within my points and using flex points when I want junk food. I've been good about drinking the water too. Went to exercise class 3x last week. This week I'm aiming for 4x.

Ruthie, that is one cool tredmill. I have a gazelle in the basement which I am going to set up again, after taking it down for Christmas, and start using it too. It all helps.

Well it is cold here again. The long range forecast is calling for a warming trend any time soon.

Take care, eat well and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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Well now we are thinking of a Nordictrack instead of Bowflex...We can buy one right here in our small town and have it delivered and set up and we don't have to mess with doing that...these suckers are very heavy...and my DH has a lot on his plate right now....

I posted this at the KT but I'll post it here too...

I have been walking indoors for the last week since the weather is so nasty...I set up a little routine of walking through the kitchen and dining room and circling the table and the bar...It is actually kind of fun and I put on my ear phones and listen to the tv and I carry 3 pound weights to boost it a bit....I have been doing the 10K steps as a guide...I figure with a 10 K walk and a normal 2 thousand day I am getting some exercise...My Beloved DH is going to buy me a treadmill as I really don't like to get out and walk on our country road...I doubt anything would happen but you never know when some jerk might be desperate enough to want to do an old fat woman...LOL

I am going to concentrate on eating good for the next week...I just have to get some pounds off or I can see myself screwing up big time...I am at a point so close to saying ..who gives a crap that it's not funny...and I know that is the wrong thing to do...I just have to re-commit to getting these last 10 pounds off...my body seems to be fighting it so bad..

I am going to give up bread altogether for a week or so and see if that helps...I only eat whole grain and not that much but I can't think of anything else drastic to do...I hope you all are eating good...there is no excuse for me not following my program...It's a good one and not that strict...

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