Looking for doll maker with Duncan experience

FireFightersMoMMarch 7, 2007

I have just recently gotten into doll making with Duncan DC100. I was wondering if anyone else has poured this? I have a friend showing me...but honestly, not sure how much she really knows.

I would just love to pick your brain..and learn the steps...or know that the steps I am using is the correct ones. I have spent hours on the internet looking and can't seem to find any information

I did just get Flumo...which sounds a lot like the same process....but I haven't poured it yet.

I have a ton of doll molds that I just purchased from a retired doll maker...and can't wait to play

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Tami

Welcome to the world of dollmaking.

I found this forum and signed up because a search for Duncan's product turned up your request.

Gwen and I make porcelain dolls and have a teaching studio in Tasmania.

I am currently researching pourable composites for body making and hope to find a strong durable composite which is not latex based as the ammonia smell during curing messes with asthma issues I have.

Would love to know how you get on and if you have any questions about the porcelain side of the process I would be happy to answer.


Here is a link that might be useful: Pics of us and our stuff :)

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