I put a giant Hershey bar down the disposal

sammy zone 7 TulsaJanuary 4, 2005

I did it! It had been a gift. Ok, I ate 2 sections, but had I not put it down the disposal, I would have removed it from the trash and eaten it. It was chocolate mint, and just about the largest candy bar I have ever seen.

I just had to tell someone. I am so proud.


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Wow! I applaud thee! Clap clap clap.
I sent the "bad stuff" to work with hubby.
I heard the calories in a chocolate bar puts double the weight of that bar on you.
There is a box of chocolate mints here but I am counting every calorie (30 each) so can have a piece or 2 a day. Mmmm.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

I envy you that you can just hold it to one or two a day. We had a Rose Tour and had expected many many people. We had baskets of candy kisses, and ended up with many left over. Then we got more for Halloween. When I was finished with that and other candy, I had put on about 7 pounds. It's off now, and my only treats are lime popcycles. I just love them. Also at night I allow myself decaf coffee with Amaretto coffeemate and a teaspoon of sugar. That is about 45 calories. The popcycles are about 60. If those popcycles were chocolate, I would finish the box in a day. I can hold myself to one lime one a day.

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Anything naughty that my kids won't eat (leaving it to me not to be wasteful) at my house goes directly to the office kitchen table. They are like locusts! Anything swwet set there disappears in a hurry.


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Congrats on getting rid of that junk food! I took loads of goodies into the office, and my coworkers devoured them in just a few hours! They enjoyed them, and I loved watching THEM eat it!!

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I tossed a whole recipe of mini brownie cupcakes into the trash yesterday. I had messed up on the recipe the first time I made them and I just couldn't bring myself to throw them away. They were edible, but not presentable if you know what I mean. So I froze them. When I found them in the freezer yesterday, I didn't hesitate, I just tossed them right into the garbage. It felt good!

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Sammy don't give me too much credit - you weren't here when I was eating the cookie dough (with real butter!) and the warm cookies too. Check out the sugar free jello at Wally world - I found lime jello and a small box has 20 calories the whole box. The generic brand is good especially cherry.
Good job gals!

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Love sugar free jello! It really hits the sweet craving spot right after a meal.

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