Looking for a site

ivamaeJanuary 24, 2010

That gives both calories and Vitamin K content of foods.

I'm on warfarin and trying hard to keep the amount of Vitamin K level, with the approval of both my M.D. and my cardiologist.

I have found separate sites for the amount of calories in various foods and one with the amount of Vitamin K. It would simplify things so much if I could find one that gives both.

Hope you have some suggestions.

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How about nutritiondata.com?

Here is a link that might be useful: Nutritiondata.com

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Thanks harold.
That looks like it is going to be a wonderful site.

I use this site for counting calories -
Mike's Calorie And Fat Gram Chart For 1000 Foods
and USDA National Nutrient Database for the vitamin K content, along with the Coumadin web site. I have found others but there is quite a discrepancy in amounts between some of them.

I have been trying to compile a chart combining both, for the foods that I mostly eat. However, it isn't always easy to find the vitamin K content. I do appreciate this very much.

I should smarten up and learn spread sheets

Thanks so much.

I'm almost afraid to weigh this coming Wednesday. I have been trying to watch the vitamin K carefully but not so strict on the calories this last week.

Have a great week.

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