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deb0615January 6, 2007

Hi I am Deb and I need some good ole support to help meet my goals. At this point I am a complete couch potato not by choice. I had a total knee replacemnet 2005 and it has been straight from hell.In the process of getting it fixed. So I need to lose weight. I would like some suggestions about different plans. I did the South Beach and I handeled that well. Just would like to join and give and get support.


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Here is a suggestion Deb...go to the linked site below and explore the different kinds of plans....See if any fit you personally...

Here is a link that might be useful: Check out the plans

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I've had wonderful success -- 50 lbs. lost in 12 months -- using a computer-based diet tracker. I use & like Diet Power, but there are a number of other similar programs. Most have a 2 week free trial. Give 'em a whirl to see if you don't mind entering in food data.

I have no will power & always got diet fatigue after 3 months. But the computer programs work for me for some reason. I get obsessive about the numbers, I guess. I'm afraid that if I go over my calorie limit, my computer will yell at me or something, LOL!

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