Oprahs flat stomach rule

katlanJanuary 21, 2009

o.k. it seems like every single page I go to on the internet has advertisements for oprahs flat belly secret, as seen on oprah, the one rule to a flat stomach, etc. Anyone happen to know what it is????

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Its just a come on to get you to "click" through to the ad! Look at Oprah---does she have a flat belly? I don't think so...but...

I just saw this on CraneLegsPond site and had to laugh! he's thinking the same thing, but puts icing on it!


  1. oprah's flat belly rule

i just caught a google ad whose teaser was "oprah's flat belly rule" and i thought, now there's an oxymoroprahic ad if ever there was.

what possible rule does oprah have for her ... um ... flat ... um ... belly?

probably as important to know as

"trump's hair style rule"

or "palin's tv interviewing rule"

or "brittany's lasting relationship rule"

or "craneleg's smart thinking rule".

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I don't know anything about Oprah's flat stomach rule, but we did get a book written by her frequent show guests, Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen, titled "YOU: Staying Young", published in 2007. In it, the doctors say that recent studies show that your waist measurement is more important than your weight in assessing your health. The rule is that your ideal waist measurement is one-half of your height. Lots of other tidbits that are either new or counter previously-held "truths". (I have no financial interest in their book sales, but have no problem touting the info in it.)

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Hi, Unfortunately, I know what the ads are all about. They are selling acai products. They offer a free supply for about 15 days. I signed up but it wasn't for free there is about $5 for S&H. Well after a little time I saw another charge for about $90 on my credit card account. I found out that if you dont read the terms of service you don't know that you have signed up for a new supply to be sent each and every month. I immediately called and cancelled. I still had to pay that billing. It isn't the one talked about on Oprah's show. There are a lot of scams out there. I did find a ligit one later by accident but have not ordered any. I decided to go with Atkins as it had worked so well for me before.

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