please help with pricing dilemma!!!

chayMarch 14, 2002

Hey yall! I need some help. I just returned from a child's birthday party. I made her a suitcase with a 7" dolly and about 10 outfits. The suitcase doubles as a bed, with a little pillow and case, etc.. All cloth. Cost to make about $6 in material, half of that being the suitcase... Well one of the other moms asked me what I would charge to make HER kid one..."Name your price" were her words..but I figure $50,000 is a little steep, so I am asking you people. I do sew for cash, but the tiny clothes are a different story. Any suggestions?? Do outfits go by the piece? Looks like I will be making many more of these little cuties.

Thanks for your help.


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I think what you need to do is figure out a price for each item and then add them up. I sell doll clothes on ebay and sometimes they go for as little as $3.00 each but sometimes much higher so it is hard to say but I would figure out what I thought each item would sell for and then just add them up for a total....

Did you have a particular pattern that you used or is this an original..Was it a cloth doll?....It sounds adorable.

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The doll I made out of a plain muslin, then painted the face on her, and hand-stitched the yarn hair onto her head. It is totally adorable. I am not so good with following patterns. It started out as the Butterick 3668, then it was modified/improved. It may or may not still be in print. Thank you for your reply Ruthie!!

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