Diet Pals....2005 Jan. 3rd thru 9th

wildchildJanuary 3, 2005

Hi Kathy and Tikanas. Sorry I am so late. It's the drugs I tell you...the drugs.

Well, how did everyones first week go?

I have cut way back on the junk but have been unable to follow my program as well as I'd like. The good news is the doc at the emergency room was wrong and it is a bicep tendon rupture and NOT a torn rotator cuff in my shoulder. No surgery required but physical therapy soon. I told the Dr. I couldn't stand the Vicodene so he had me try Darvocet instead. Wonderful stuff....takes away the pain without putting me in a fog.

Been eating the right foods this week, just not at the right times. The pain killers dull my appetite for a time and then I tend to overeat at the time I do eat. I'm trying to take them only at night starting this week.

Went to First Nite Monterey for New Years with my friend, Sue. We shared a Shrimp Net at Bubba Gump's and walked walked walked. Hope the scale shows it tomorrow. I wore sparkle tattoos and a jester hat. FUN.

It is so good to see so many of you post last week. Way to go BARNMOM. How much more do you want to lose? I can get into some 8's but I am still fluffy. Are you built short and solid like me or are you one of those tall willowy types?

Hi to all the old posters and a big welcome to the newbies. Here's to less butt and more kick for the new year.:0)

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Short and very fluffy! I still need to lose about 15-18 pounds. I carry any extra right around my middriff in a little roll. Blech.

I would love to weigh a bit less than the above goal but I know that at my age it would have disastrous consequences on my face (and chest.) Someone once told me that when you are my age you have to choose between your a$$ and your face! As it is, my boobs will look like tube socks soon...


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BarnMom, That's me. In the past I'd lose the midriff and back weight before my thighs. Now post meno it seems my middle holds on to every ounce of body fat. I agree with the rather weigh 10 lbs. more than look 10 years older. I long for the days when I complained of too little on top. Now those hanging tubes of fat are merely annoying.LOL And let's not even talk about my grandma's arms arriving a couple years ago.

I am blessed with carrying my weight well though. At 5'1" it amazes me that I am still a smaller size than many of my friends who are taller and weigh less. Short and stocky does pay off a little.

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BarnMom, Where in CA do you live? I'm in the South Bay.

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Oh you California gals....I thought all of you are tall and blonde and 20 something.
First week? I am glad to get through NY and still be able to zip my jeans. I started yesterday again....
Yesterday's gone and I did well but was ready to kill hubster when he was in a "can't get enough to eat" mode last night. My next husband will be short and fat :) After listening to him munching pretzels and peppermint patties (leftover Christmas gift) all evening, I was glad when he went to bed. He got up in the night and ate again! I think he is psychic - I go on a diet and he gets the hunger pangs.
Wildchild - take care of yoodle. My shoulder probs were helped with Vioxx but that is gone. It's wonderful stuff for the short term but over the long term caused problems.
Hope all is better soon. I see Tikanas and Barnmom and Wildchild in my magic mirror (I know you gals remember Romper Room) but how are the rest of the peeps doing? What's for lunch?

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Hello everyone!

I'm back on Weight Watchers as of yesterday. Ate very healthy and drank enough water. Today I brought low point foods with me to the office: fruit, ff yogurt, 4 point sandwich, grape tomatoes for snacks. Lots and lots of boxes of decaf, herbal tea for in-between. Feeling better than last weekend.

Weigh-in starts this Thursday at Noon. We have corporate Weight Watchers, so lots of support around here!

Good luck!

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Hi Everyone,

I haven't been here in awhile. Just can't seem to shake this cold, flu, sinus, or whatever it is. It's been hang'in on now for a solid week. One thing about it, I sure haven't felt like eating. Soup has been about it. I did get up enough energy to put in a couple of hours at work today. Hopefully, things are starting to get back to normal.

Sounds like everyone is doing pretty well. Keep up the good work!!


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Hi Dee! Good luck with your WW.
Hi Pam - hope you are better soon. Oh gosh. I like Theraflu (knocks me right out) but do what your doctor says.
Good morning everyone!
Diet shows on yesterday - Dr. Phil and Big Loser.
Hard to believe the one guy on the Big Loser lost 90 pounds in 11 weeks. Wow.
Of course the good doctor plugged his book (now in paperback!) but it is nice to see the people who lost weight on his program. On the other hand I was bashing myself because one of those losers should have been me. Oh well no one force fed this gal.
If you don't already get it I recommend Light and Tasty magazine. I love looking up new recipes in it and they are sent in by readers so you don't need to hunt eye of newt or bat's ears - lol. Most of the stuff you need is in the cupboard if you do any "scratch" cooking.
Stay strong. Kathy

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Hi everybody!

Pam, I hope you feel better soon.

Kathy, don't beat yourself up... just resolve to do better. And yes, I am old enough to remember Romper Room! LOL

Wildchild, how are you? I feel your pain...

DeeMarie, my friend gave me a cardboard points figure- outter- thingy but it got lost :( . I liked it because even though I'm not on WW, it was easy to watch portion sizes. Keep us posted.

All is well here. No problem sticking to the food program. I REALLY need to measure my water, though. I am sure that I am not drinking enough. I am also bad about exercise this week as it has been CRAZY here and my free time has been so fragmented. So increasing activity is my goal for the rest of the week.



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Hi everyone,

It's good to hear how everyone else is doing. I lost 2 pounds this week. I've eaten sensibly everyday, had 0 or just 1 caffenated soft drink each day, and walked at least 50 minutes every day except Sunday.

At work today I had to walk past cake several times; people bring in "goodies" and put them by the printers all the time. Also today I didn't go to a going away lunch, held in a conference room near me, because it was pizza. Also, about 10 feet away from my desk a co-worker keeps a bowl of chocolate for everyone to share. I used to eat some of it almost everyday, but no more!

Good luck this week, everyone!

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Regarding water consumption, I think that if you don't have to camp in the bathroom you are not drinking enough water...

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and water tastes better with a green tea bag in it. (Guess what I have in front of me?)

Good morning!
Doing great this week (sounds like we all are) and no holidays in sight.
I have not faced the scale yet because weeping is not an exercise I want to add to my schedule. Walking is. Maybe next week for both if this friggin rain ever stops.
Made 2 huge pots of soup last night - mock crab/veggie tomato. Some will go to his aunt and uncle and most will go to the freezer. Kind of hard to figure the calories in such a big amount but I'll take a close guess.
Wildchild and Pam - hope you 2 are better today.
Good job Alice!
Tikanas (if I ever call you Tikansas forgive me) you are doing great and the exercise will come.
Thinking about Dee today - facing those scales.....
Tip for the day - Are you getting enough sleep? If not your body will crave sugar for energy.

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Hurray for Alice and the 2 lb loss! Keep up that will power! It was very hard for me to avoid "all day snacking" when I had co workers in ICU who would bring in garbage from home everyday!

BarnMom, Idrank so much water yesterday!! And I am off to
a good start today, too.

Kathy, It will be raining here for the next wek or so, so walking (unless I do it at the mall) will have to wait. Someone pinch me and make me go to Curves!! I, for one, am not getting enough sleep... Tikanas is Greek for "hi, how are you" feel free to mangle the spelling LOL!

Homemade tortilla soup (sans tortillas for me) for dinner tonight with a big salad. I started off the day with my favorite, eggwhite omellette. This AM I filled it with nf mozarella and 2 green chiles. Side dish was a stir fry of mushrooms, eggplant cubes and tomatoes with a tbsp. of parmesean melted on top. 210 calories,20 g protein and 15 g carbs, 3g fat.

Pam, Wildchild, Hope you are both better today.

DeeMarie, how was that weigh in?

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I have had some days when walking wasn't possible because of rain so I purchased a Tony Little Gazelle Supra. I haven't used it yet because I work out of town but am hoping that doing a different kind of exercise will make some difference in both muscle development and weight loss.

I keep low fat cheese and turkey for snacking when I get a hunger pang midday and midafternoon. If I could give up my night glass of wine I know I'd make more progress but I really enjoy that. I would rather have a glass of wine than have dessert (unless it's creme brulee!).

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OMG, the weigh-in!!

OK, the good news. I started Weight Watchers in February 2004. As of yesterday, I lost 22 pounds and kept it off since February 2004.

The bad news, I was down almost 29 pounds in November. So I did major damage since my 2-week cruise and the holidays.

Back to good news: I'm back on track and that's what's important. So, if I lose (and keep off) 20 pounds each year over the next few years, I'll be at goal. Not such an overwhelmning feat when you think about it....and I could lose more each year and be at goal sooner! Here's hoping!!

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Good morning!
Well I felt a lot lighter (than I have been) so got on the scale this morning and it was bad news but not a suprise since I had a wonderful time since Thanksgiving. It will come off.. I am glad I did not get on the scale at the beginning of the week though. My clothes are a lot looser now.
Yesterday I was so busy I forgot to eat breakfast so on my way to work (clean a house for 5 hours) I picked up a bag of apples and had one at 8 another at 10.
Lunch was cottage cheese, sf cherry jello and veggies, supper was soup so I had enough calories to splurge on a McDonald's sundae last night. Usually I go for the cone (half the calories). You need a treat now and then.
Let me know how the supra works. I had a treadmill but sold it (and I think it has rained ever since) because I did not like the noisy thing and it was so boring.
Tortilla soup without tortillas? How...?
Have a calendar and I am drawing a little line across the corner with every day I stick to it. It's nice to cross off that corner in the morning (from the day before).
Lunch will be Chinese buffet(no rice just meat and veggies - nothing breaded). Supper is chicken breasts - any ideas?
Bye, Kathy

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56 pounds lost! 19 to go!

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Wow! Go BarnMom!
Anyone know how to get the smell of french fries out of the house? I made only enough baked fries for hubby not thinking the odor would come in here and wrap itself around my head while I type. Guess I better light some candles.
Hanging in there today - whoohoo!

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Hi all!

DeeMarie, hang in there!! Do you weigh in front of everyone? I think I would DIE!! : )

Pam, Wildchild... where are you? Hope that you both are feeling better.

BarnMom!!! "weigh" to go!! we are so proud of you, you skinny thing. What are you going to do with your "big" clothes?

Kathy, you had me ROFL!! Here is our favorite recipe for Tortilla Soup...( I took the tortillas out of mine...)

12 med. tomotillos
1 large onion
5 cloves garlic,
2 tomatoes, chopped
1/2 c. cilantro, chopped
2 tsp. chile powder
8 Ortega canned chiles OR 7 fresh anaheim chiles OR (my favorite), 5-6 chile pasillas roasted and peeled.
4c. chicken broth
1 c. shredded chicken breast
3 small flour tortillas cut into 1/4" strips

Vegetable oil or (preferably) cooking spray.
1/4 c. cheddar or jack. ( enough to sprinle on top of soup)
salt and pepper to taste.

Place tortilla strips on an ungreased baking pan and spray
with cooking oil spray (lightly). Bake @ 350 degrees till light brown and crisp.

Combine broth, tomotillos, garlic, onion, chili powder and chiles in a lg. pot and simer till veggies are tender (about 20 minutes) strain and puree veggies . return to pot with broth and add tomatoes, cilantro and chicken. Cook x 15 min. more then... ladle soup into bowls, top with tortilla strips and sprinkle with cheese.

Low cal, "good carb" and very tasty! If tomotillos are out of season they can be bitter. Adding a pinch of sugar / splenda will fix it.

I had mine with a green salad w/lite dresing. My kid ate his with 2 quesadillas, 1 cup of beans, 1 cup of rice and a huge salad smothered with bleu cheese. (I REALLY resent that beanpole!! 6' and 123 lbs!!)


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Thanks Tikanas! I am a cook - almost - but what is a tomotillo? Any other recipes to share?
Don't you love those beanpoles. I worked with a lady who ate candy bars and snacks constantly and was tall and thin. She was a good friend but when we went shopping she said we looked like Laurel and Hardy walking the mall - sigh.
DeeMarie we must have been typing a the same time. Back to the salt mines for you (a WW leader said that to me years ago). I gained about the sme - maybe a little more and had a grand time doing it but now it's time to take it off again.
Well I made it through Saturday and Sunday with no problem.
Almost bought some Dippin Dots yesterday after Oprah said there are sugar free ones - they had none so I had a McDonald's sundae instead - 330 calories just because I knew the numbers.
Bye, Kathy

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Hi all,

Way to go, BarnMom. Ya big loser.

DeeMarie, maintainance is harder than losing. You did great keeping those pounds off. Your goal of 20 pounds a year is very realistic and do-able. I sometimes wonder what really happens to the people we see on television and elsewhere who lose 60 pounds in three months. I think the weight stays off for maybe the 1st year while they're in the spotlight. I'd like to have them come back 3 years from now without warning or and see where they are.

Alice, keep on walking past those goodies. Nothing tastes as good as being thin.

Kathy, no we Cali girls are jst like everywhere else. When I was young I loved seeing Sally Field play "Gidget" because finally we had a short brown-eyed teen on TV instead of all those blue eyed blonds. Of course we also had Annette but she was "stacked" beyond my dreams. Notice today that most television shows are casting brunettes unlike years past.

Tikanas, I need to try that recipe. Sounds good. I've posted a link for Kathy about Tomatillos. Feeling much better but my sleep habits are shot again. I need to eat more frequently and earlier. Did lose a pound but can't really take much credit for it this week.

Kathy below.

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Hi Everyone...

I'm here Tikanas2. I'm finally feeling much better. Thanks for asking. I haven't been that sick in years. Glad it's over though.

I've had my 2 granddaughters since last Thur. Ages 2 and 4. Whewwwwwww, I know now why we have our kids when we're young. I sure do love'em though. They are going home tomorrow. looking forward to getting back on track as soon as possible.

Sounds as if everyone is doing just fine.

Will check in when I have more stuff to talk about.

Till then.....Pam.

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Whoops...Forgot to post the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tomatillo

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Pam, I had to laugh about the grandkids. We went to see my MIL on Saturday and she and my FIL were exhausted from a short visit from their first great-grandaughter! She told me that the grandchildren were hard enough, but the little ones take a toll on them (both approaching 80!). Hang in there!

Weekend was OK.

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Hi Pam. I understand about those kids - have no kids (no grandkids) but hubby has a younger brother who has a 5 yo and an almost 2 yo. They suck energy out as I walk through the door! My word...
Started a new thread (sorry Wildchild). I am a detail freak and need the right date above the posts. Never paid a bill late! Thanks for the link - good to learn about new healthy food. Over, Kathy

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