Starting my diet again!

nwroseladyJanuary 3, 2009

I've been dieting off and on most of my life. About 5 years ago I went to WW, lost 76 pounds (which took me halfway to goal), and bailed out. Since then I've gained it all back, but health issues have intervened. Turns out I'm diabetic with an A1C of 11, so my doctor read me the riot act. I started back to WW in early December and so far have lost 14 pounds. I'm on oral meds for the diabetes and I think it's made losing weight easier. I'm hoping I can get down to at least 140 and that by then the diabetes will disappear. It would be nice to join the forum and get (and give) some support in between weekly meetings.

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Well Hello!

Please join us at the Daily Support thread - we are all doing our own diet thing but supporting each other, building friendships and pulling each other along.

I to am diet controlled diabetic - AIC always running just above normal - 7.0 and years ago I was on diabetic pills.

Right now I am 153 pounds (thank heavens). I've go back every winter from January to June on my WW program to keep myself in check, recover from xmas and stay focused on not keeping my indulgences glued to my hips as I get older.

Boy can I relate to you! Welcome!

It's great to read your post - I hope to hear more from you.
Please pop over to our Daily Support thread and say Hi! I have met some very wonderful people who I believe will be friends for many years to come. We've had a hard haul since the summer - many family/personal/home life issues to contend with where honestly you did not hear anything about dieting for almost 4 months. I can't speak for the others but I felt whether or not I wrote about maintaining weight did not matter since many feel we are really talking more about a healthy lifestyle. This includes our mental health too. Sometimes life gets to be too much to think about what we eat and all we can do is talk to each other about holding ourselves together ... we are now all ready to get back to talking about our physical healthy lifestyles (dieting) again and have held each others hand through horrific physical storms that have damaged our homes, family death, financial loss and more.

We would love to meet you and welcome you to our 'Merry Gang'. It's the best thing I have ever done for myself.

I too am striving to get back to 140 and maintain it. Anything else would be a blessing.

Thank you for posting about yourself. I am very glad to meet you!

Ottawa, Canada

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