Diet Pals 1/24-1/31

Tikanas2January 24, 2005


New week, new goals. Let's see what we can accomplish. Slow starts, off the wagons, ambivalents.... ALL welcome here!

DeeMarie, poor baby.. Schlepping the chicken soup your way!

Add lots of acidic foods or liquids to the diet to help with the UTI. ( listen to this nurse now...) A couple of tsps of raw cider vinegar in hot water every morning ( in fact, before each meal) will add enough acidity to your system to combat UTIs. ( I live with his problem) Plus!!! If taken with a meal (or before) it will slow the intake of carbs to the blood stream thus slowing its conversion to fat. Feel better, everybody!!



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Thank you Tikanas for starting us off this week. I think I fit almost all the catagories you listed. LOL Just can't seem to get my "food program planets" in order. I continue to try though. Didn't help that DH came home with Pecan Sandies and wasn't quick enough putting them away before I saw them. At least I only ate three. Hopefully the package will be gone tomorrow between DS and DH.

I did move more last week but could still do a lot better. Watching Nationals on television has whetted my appetite for skating again. If only my darn shoulder/bicep thing would get completely healed. I think I might go skate next week (just round and round). I need my left arm to spin and jump (in my case more of a hop,lol). I can't believe how competitive skaters continue on with stress fractures and such. But then I'm not 20 years old. If I broke something today itwould have life-long consequences.

DeeMarie, hope you're better soon. Nothing like a double-whammy of ills to get one down. Get lots of rest,fluids and drink some cranberry juice.

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I have been under the weather but not as bad as Dee! It's been hard to eat well, and get over this. I think I'm coming out of it a bit today, but still sneezing my head off. Bodily, I feel better; more energy today.

I am stocked up on healthy foods at the office.

They are remodeling, and moving cubes, and tearing out walls, so that is certainly not helping my body.

In addition, we have gone from 15° last weekend, to 60° today, to predicting ice this coming weekend. It's no wonder we're having trouble staying on top of our health!!!

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Oh no DeeMarie!
Hi Wildchild, are you ice skating? Hope you soon can but don't rush it. I get the urge to roller skate but the slow wooden floors are gone and replaced by slick surfaces and my youth has been replaced by fear of falling.
Tikanas if I get too much acid, I turn into an itchy fool and one orange a day over a week will do it.
You can buy cranberry tablets in health food stores if you can't stomach that much juice.
I am BOT (back on track) Thank goodness.
Eating the overpriced eggs in a carton for breakfast. 1/2 cup has no cholesterol and 60 calories. I put frozen peppers and onions (precook a little) in them and top it with overpriced ff cheese (you gotta pay to play!) Makes a great breakfast with a little salt and cracked pepper on top.
Yesterday I made sweet potato chips. Baked in the oven. They weren't Lays but they weren't bad. I don't think they would ever get really crispy until they were burned. The worst part was trying to cut them thin enough. Brought back memories of making regular potato chips when we were kids and wait - we had a chip slicer! Called mom and it was loaned to a cousin (it also sliced cabbage for sauerkraut) so I hope it comes back home.
Yesterday I had a tough hungry evening and I was thankful I had made sf jello last night.
Well better get something done today - thank goodness there is no more snow to shovel off the driveway.

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Thanks for your support, ladies. I'm feeling a bit better, and off to the doctor at 12:30. I need a followup to be sure.

Tikanas, I'm not sure I'll be able to find the 'raw' cidar vinegar, but if not, I may try those cranberry pills.

Last night, DH went out to a diner with his brother for dinner. He brought me back a big container of hot chicken noodle soup...the very best medicine in the world. I took my pills and went to bed!! Staying within points, but not sure I'll lose any weight this week with my system so 'off'. Not concerned as health is more important that the stupid scale! LOL

I was thinking this morning that I've had my best results with successful, healthful eating when I planned carefully. Going to the grocery store AFTER you have planned the upcoming week is the very best gift you can give yourself. Then, if there is an impromtu (sp?) night out, it's not so bad. I've had some down time here to plan my shopping list for this weekend, so I should be OK next week!

Make today count!

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DeeMarie, I hope that you are feeling better. I agree, planning before hitting the store really helps! My son LOVES to just throw stuff into the cart willy- nilly. ARGGGH! Raw cider vinegar availiable at most health food stores. I became a believer after reading that book you sent me on "good carbs". : )

It's a chicken soup kinda day here too... I am going to take a nice nap before running my errands and work. Feeling a bit under the weather.

Be strong and be well!


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