needle sculpting pattern

chayMarch 5, 2002

Does anyone know where I can get the instructions for doing the faces for this craft??? They are asking $20 can for a pattern.... I am trying to put some ideas together to raise money for a charity (pet rescue). PLEASE HELP!!

thank you in advance!


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chay are you talking about directons for the little people dolls?

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could be, Ruthie, lol. I'm not sure. I just saw these dolls that were hand-stitched. The skin was a lycra flesh-tone and the faces were soo life-like! I want to make some dolls that have facial expressions. Do "little people" have that? can you help me out? please!!


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chay......go to ebay and use the search box and write in soft sculpture. there are lots of patterns there and reasonable too......

also look at this little doll in the link below...I have the pattern for this kind of soft sculpture. If this is what you are looking for, send me an email and I will try and dig out my book and scan it for you......

You are such an asset to this board that it would be nice to help you out too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Be sure and look here..

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thank you Ruthie!! Always nice to get a compliment!

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