Time Out Dolls

SlivMarch 22, 2002

I see the post of the pattern might be old. Is there anyone out there who could forward me a pattern and directions for making time out kids. Also anywhere to find the heads hands and feet of dolls about 18 ma to 2 yrs old. I am trying to make amish dolls. Looking for the hard rubber type. Guess you can tell I rather new at this.



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Hi Sylvia, I cant help you with the Time Out kids but for body-parts check out CR'S CRAFTS ( http//www.crscrafts.com ).....they have a Great selection of kits and body parts, even heads......hope this helps.

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Hello, if you are willing to pay for copies i will be happy to make them for you the dolls are 36", pattern includes directions and cloths, choice of 3 different dolls.
my e-mail is girlfr9181@msn.com

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I use stuffed childrens footed pj's for the bodies and stuffed knee hi nylons for the head. You don't need a pattern if you use these and you can make any size.

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This may be a little late, but I beleive I have one or two of these patterns, uncut. Really cute. If I still have them you're welcome to them at no charge. Let me know.


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if you ahve the patterns for the time out dolls i would love to have them. i am willing to pay for copies or what ever please email me and let me know.


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