Bizarre buzzing sound

SAG1January 29, 2003

It's coming from behind the stove, and I can't figure out what it is. It happens about every half an hour.

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Does it sound like a squirrel?....or was that more of a slurping noise?

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Linda, LOLOL

If it truly is a problem, slide the stove out from the wall and wait a half hour to see if you can find what is causing the noise.

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Timer on stove messed up maybe?
Kathy G in MI

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LOL I think linda hit it smack on the nose!! LOL

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Yeah I'm thinking its the timer on the stove too. The other night my DW woke me up from a sound sleep to tell me she was hearing a buzzing sound about every minute or so. I went from room to room not even knowing what to look for. Finally I had the good sense to ask her where did it sound like the noise was coming from. She said right here in the bedroom. After turning the room upside down something made me ask: could it be the cellphone in your purse? She took her phone out and sure enough the dang thing was buzzing. The battery was low and this was the sound it makes.

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This post is 8 years old. She probably has a new stove by now.

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