Stink bugs?

morton5January 19, 2009

We are finding 3 or 4 brown beetles in our house each week. Looking at online photos, they appear to be stink bugs. Usually I scoop them up and flush them. Anybody have any better advice? I can deal with 3 or 4 each week, but am worried the problem will worsen each year. This is the first year I have noticed them. We live in Maryland.

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In California, stink bugs are just that. If that is what you have, DON'T ever step on one. They are as pungent as a skunk.

Interesting related posts on this forum. Maybe they will help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Crickets Out Of Control - Maryland

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Just take solice in the fact that you only have a few of these asian ba$t%$#. I left the a/c in the window a little too long and found hundreds of them clinging to the curtains. Having an old stone house means lots of ways in so I get them a little more than those with newer more tightly built homes. I flick them first to stun them and get them by the head before I use them for fire fuel.

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