Poria incrassata - Wood eating fungus

labeilleJanuary 2, 2006

I am wondering if anyone has encountered this wood eating fungus on this forum? We have just discovered it during renovation. If we had not done the renovation, it could have done irreparable damage. Apparently this stuff can eat through a house in two years. As it stands, when stucco was removed, we found it destroyed some of the framing in the front part of our house [inside the house] and we are fortunate we did not have a collapse. Insurance coverage is going to be a battle. We have an expert forensic structural engineer coming tomorrow to assess and determine where the "source" or beginning of the fungus body is located. It is a nightmare! Wanted to document this for anyone else searching also in the future....

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Was the stucco applied over unprotected wood ??
I do not think think this is a very good idea.. Moisture must have been trapped allowing the fungus to flourish..
There are paints on the market containing fungicide - but I wonder if this is effective..

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