Hand lotion for guests - suggestions please!

sis3February 7, 2014

I am hosting the wedding of our friends at our home next week. I think it would be nice to have some good hand lotion in the powder room and in the bathroom that our guests will use. Could you please recommend some good lotion that has a pleasant fragrance? Should it be suitable for both sexes?

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Annie Deighnaugh

Hand lotion is a nice idea...anything pretty is fine. I also like when they have the small plastic glasses and a bottle of mouthwash in the PR...no guest wants to offend....

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I would look for unscented - check at Trader Joe's, maybe. I am scent sensitive and would never try a hand lotion that I don't know if I'll be sensitive to, nor would I appreciate having a bunch of people using that scented product all in a group. Regardless of how pleasant it is to others, it can be very irritating to be subjected to scents that make it difficult to breathe. It also is difficult to use scented soap in a dispenser that everyone seems to provide these days and I find myself trying to find something to remove the scent from my hands (like going to the kitchen to find their dishwashing liquid - which hopefully is less scented).

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I agree with oly. Scented lotion is so personal. My DH is very sensitive and can have an allergic reaction to scented lotions.
I use Vaseline Intensive Care. The aroma dissipates shortly after applying. I know, not the lovely visual that you would prefer to display!

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I would have a variety of products that are clearly labeled. I have many products in glass dispensers in our master bath. I'm sure my guests would be unsure as to what is in them. Our guest bathroom has everything in the original containers so there is no confusion.

Have unscented soaps and lotions. Look for some trial sizes and put them in a basket.

Consider adding a variety of feminine products. I always found this to be very much appreciated at events as weddings.

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I wouldn't expect a private home to offer a variety of soaps and lotions. It's someone's home, not a hotel or public venue.

I think the idea of having hand lotion available is a nice gesture for the guests. Neutrogena makes some nice unscented lotions. Finding unscented liquid soap is not easy, but sometimes Target carries unscented Method soap.

You can always pour liquid soap and/or lotion into a pretty pump dispenser and then label the dispensers.

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I agree with those who suggested an unscented lotion and soap, especially if your guests will be eating and dining. It's like having scented candles on your dining table. I personally would rather not smell a fragrance when dining.

As for unscented soaps....I buy Ivory liquid soap, it's mild enough for babies and unscented and I fill all of my soap dispensers with it. I even use it in the foaming dispensers - 1 part ivory, 4 parts water.

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I'm wonderinig if a nice foaming hand-wash might be better and I agree with unscented. I just mention that because some hand lotions, unless you are very familiar with them, can make your hands really slippery. If you are trying to hold onto wine glasses or plates and forks and knives they might become difficult to hold with slippery hands. If you do want a lotion try Aveeno. It comes unscented and isn't all that slippery.

Just something to consider.

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Unscented Curel...same as what I use personally. Best lotion ever. Would also go with an unscented soap. The mouthwash and small paper/plastic cups is a great idea.

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Unscented Aveeno, for this particular case. Scent preferences can be quite rigid and highly personal.

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Unscented Lubriderm, and just a plain antibacterial soap.

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Since it's a wedding I would want something a little more upscale in a pretty bottle. Not sure if you would find unscented, but places like Home Goods, TJ Maxx, etc sell nice lotions. I have a set from HG that is lemon...hand soap and lotion on a little white tray..not expensive. You could also try the Body Shop or Bath and Body Works. I also like the idea of a pretty basket with trial sizes of lotions, mouth wash, hand wipes, etc, I think I would also put out those pretty paper hostess towels available at places like BBB(you could look for lotion there too). Your hand towel may not look so nice after a lot of people have used it.

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I would add to also if possible offer a BAR of soap for hand washing.

I am so sensitive to preservatives that I can't use liquid soaps. Any time lipids and water (which is what is in liquid soap and shampoo) are together a preservative is needed.

As for nice lotions, agree to offer something unscented and leave in the original bottle. That way if someone has allergies they can read the ingredients to check before using.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day products are nice. I use a lot of their products. 98% or more natural ingredients and formaldehyde free. There don't seem to be lotions, but I can vouch for the soaps. The scents are not strong.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mrs meyers

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Thank you so much everyone for your suggestions and recommendations. I hadn't realized how many people are sensitive to fragrances etc. I am so glad I posted.

Thanks Joanie, I had already purchased paper guest towels. I also remember I have some small containers of fragrance free wash that will now provide an alternative to the lightly fragranced hand wash that is in decorative glass containers in both rooms. This weekend I will shop for some fragrance free lotion. Thank you all.

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How nice of you to host this wedding. Good luck and and I hope everything goes smoothly!

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Thank you red_lover. They are dear friends and we are honored that they asked us to host.

I think it will be a fun and happy day for everyone. She has organized everything, caterers, wait staff, musicians etc., to ensure that I can enjoy simply being a guest (as much as possible). My hope is that they have a beautiful day that will remain with them always as happy memories.

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