How do I repair my doll's hair?

RilchiamMarch 31, 2002

I have a fashion doll from the '70s. She was mine when I was little, and of course I ruined her hair by getting it wet. When I found her again, it was horribly tangled. I managed to get the snarls out by steaming it, but it's still flyaway. Is there any way I can get it smooth again? I'd rather take care of this myself than have a repair shop do it.

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Hi Rilchiam!

What do you mean by fly away?

Steaming can be too hot for doll's hair. Dolls' hair, like your doll's hair, are made from tiny strands of vinyl called saran. Heating the hair can permanently change the texture and curl of the hair. Applied correctly, you can do some great hair styling. Applied incorrectly and you may get an irreversible, frizzy, bad perm job. If your doll's hair is bushy and crinkled, you probably overheated it.

On the other hand, if by flyaway you mean that it's sticking out from static, try combing hair conditioner through it (rinse and air dry) or rubbing a dryer softner sheet over her hair.

Hope that helps!

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If she is really that important to you, you can also give her new hair.....It is a tedious job but many OOAK doll people do it. I have an old skipper that I intend to do......just do a search using key works ...rerooting barbie hair.and you will find tons of links on how to do it....Here is one link and one way but there are several ways to do it...

Here is a link that might be useful: Reroot

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I have fixed doll hair by immersing it in fabric conditioner for a few minutes, rinsing with warm water and gently combing it out. This works on even the most tangled and nasty hair.

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