Sate Farm Insurance history?

vieja_gwJanuary 10, 2011

Just met with our long time State Farm agent & I happened to mention that under a State Farm ad on TV I remembered I saw this: 'not a totally owned U.S. company ...' or something similar to this. Our agent said no, it WAS a totally U.S. owned company though they do have agents in Canada. Now I am just curious as to what I saw on that tv ad & would just like to know who is correct? I realize this is not the really proper GardenWeb Site but would try here anyway out of curiosity!

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It could depend on whether the ad was produced in the US or up here, because they'll often have slight differences to take into account different laws, or prefs, etc. I'm sure it's a US company, but that doesn't mean Canadian 'branches' are not owned 100%, as opposed to being run completely from the US. I guess I'm curious about your question- not sure if that's really what you were asking about.

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I believe Gieco is a Japanese company. Companies such as State Farm and Northwestern are "mutual" insurance companies which means in effect the companies are owned by the policy holders even though they are U.S. corporations.

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I mistakenly referred to State Farm as a U.S. corporation which it is not. It is a mutual insurance company which is owned by its policy holders and agents. The headquarters is in Bloomington, Illinois. They have regional offices in Canada, just like they have regional offices in Texas.

What is your concern about the "nationality" of this company?

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texasredhead: Just curiosity as we we talking with our State Farm agent & updating our policies. Happened to mention that so many formerly U.S owned companies are now owned by other countries & I said I had seen a State farm ad on tv & noticed in small print under the ad was something like: 'not an (entirely) owned U.S. company... ' & she said 'No, it was started by a midwest farmer & still U.S. owned'. Thus my question! Like WalMart in early days used to advertise their merchandise was made in the U.S.!

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GEICO is a US company.

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