stoveguyyJanuary 25, 2012

Dieting is hard enough. Why is the last 10 lbs so hard to loose? I can drop 30 lbs with relative ease but the last 10 is a killer. I think my body is desperate to keep that extra fat. I am a male and am at 18% body fat. It's not like I am anorexic. I have hit this barrier many times.

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Change up your exercise routine to include intervals. Eat more protein and less carbs. Congratulations and good luck with the last 10. I wish I just had 10 more to go.

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I have been brainwashed by society that 18% bf is ok. I am not at my goal. So I am unhappy while everyone says I look ok. I want to look awesome. Very few folks do. I am so close to being a 1%'r. If that sounds odd I suppose it is because so few make it. Maybe that's what I need to think to succeed?

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