water under floorboards

Bridget HelmJanuary 16, 2007

our Armstrong "wood" laminate floorboards are swelling in a 6x5 ft area of our home. it is near a window and it only happens when it rains. Any ideas of how this water is getting beneath the floorboards. Is there a crack in our slab? Could they have cracked our slab when they dug trenches for termite treatment?

We have to sell this house in two weeks in order for us to buy the home we are building. I can't sell my house with water beneath the floorboards!!!!!



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Water could be coming up through the slab, but it could also be entering around the window, if the window frame is not completely sealed from the weather.

It could be from a leaking gutter, or a defective roof.

I don't know where you live, but if the weather is mild enough, you might be able to check this out with a garden hose. Does the water come in when only the soil is soaked? Does it come in when a spray is directed at the window? Does it come in when water is run on the roof?

It is not necessarily coming in near where you see it, although this is the most likely scenario.

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If your gutters are frozen (ice dams) water can spill over and go down the side of your house too. One reason to keep ice dams from forming if at all possible in winter...


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