mud tax

BillJanuary 3, 2002

Don't want to sound ignorant, but don't want to stay that way. But, could anyone tell me what MUD TAX is. I see it almost everywhere in area I live in and no one seems to be able to tell me what it is.


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I did a search on google since I've not heard about that one either.
"... No MUD Tax. For you out-of-towners, a MUD (Municipal Utility District) tax is a
tax that is associated with living in the suburbs or a master-planned-community ..."
More at the link

Here is a link that might be useful: Mud tax

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MUD tax is a fee homeowners in certain subdivisions pay for the extra pipes and service that was needed to bring water out to their area. My Mom had a home in a MUD district and caused her nothing but headaches at tax time. Like other taxes it went up every year. The first thing we asked when we were searching for our home was if it was MUD..if they said yes, we thanked them and left..My sister in law purchased a home in a MUD district and she has regretted it ever since...

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It's the fee I extract form my kids when they track in! Melanie

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