Good news!! I lost those 5 pesky pounds!!

yellowhairJanuary 30, 2004

Good afternoon, ladies! Well, I weighed myself this morning and those 5 lbs. are history!!!!! Thanks for all of the tips, you guys----I'm now on my way to a "lighter" life.

I definitely think that the walking 20 minutes a day has played a large part in this. This morning after I weighed myself and did a dance--LOL---I got my butt in gear and walked in my 10 degree weather (wind chill -1).

And I just do this right in front of my house and down to the corner---two houses away!! I make 3-5 trips---takes 15 to 20 minutes. I don't go on down my little rural road because a lot of the neighbors have dogs, ususally inclosed, but they still bark, etc. It's just easier for me to do the little trek down to the corner and back.

I know that my weight gain ties in with some problems I've been having with my Mom (long story) and my career, of lack thereof. LOL And, also, dealing with my DH---God give me strength. No, actually he's a pretty good guy, but we're home together all day, he eats what he wants, and then complains all night about feeling bad. But, I'm dealing with it, decided that I can't change people, only myself, and if some of the desires that I want for my life don't happen-----well, I'll survive----God must not have wanted it for me---and I'm OK with it!

Thanks, everybody. Sorry this post is so long.

PS DH went to the DR yesterday, she told him to lose 40 lbs. Maybe, just maybe, he'll listen to her. And the ice cream that he got a few days ago is still there-----I've not had another bite of it. Got me some Skinny Cows!

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Oops--think I forgot to mention that I have 40 more lbs. to go!!! But, I had posted that these first 5 lbs were really tough to lose.

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Well that is good news!!! I'll join you on those walks tomorrow (worked today so plenty of exercise). We have had 15 almost 16 inches of snow this week so the sidewalks and roads are a mess. Big hugs and cartwheels for you!!!!!!!!!!Kathy

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You go girl!! Keep up the good work. What a great attitude you have. I like what you said about not changing other people-only yourself. You may not realize it right now, but you are setting an example for your DH. When he sees the weight loss, and your increase in energy, he's going to want what you have! Thanks for the great post.


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Congratulations! Now I feel like a weenie, I think it's too cold here to walk outside because it's in the 40º's! Gotta wait till it reaches the 60º's!!!
I've lost some weight, but I know that regular exercise makes me feel so much better, whether I'm losing or not!

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I am enjoying your post. Congrats on your loss! You can do this! Yep, DH will see you losing and will probably ask the odd question about food every now and again or he might start making better choices. My DH is seeing my weight moving and the fact I am feeling much better just because I am doing this...he is making better food choices, making sure he has a proper lunch (they have a hot cafeteria available) and he is eating much, much lighter at night. He is even trying my low fat potato chips (the baked ones) and I found a new one that he does like.

You are doing great, on track. DH will sort himself out. Just by having better food choices available in quantity (fresh fruits, veg) he may feel more comfortable reaching for them if you don't fuss about it. If he is concerned about his weight but not quite comfortable discussing diet with you, you could always pick up a men's magazine that has healthy eating articles - then he could get the 'macho' advice.

Thanks for sharing. I just love reading everyone's posts! It helps us pull each other along!


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Thanks, Kathy, Kim68, MaryAnnTX, and quilting bunny! Thanks so much for the nice comments. I really want to keep these 5 off and continue on this losing "high." It's good to know that I have people cheering me on!

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