How much do you exercise?

Kim68January 29, 2004

And when do you do it? I just started to use the treadmill and I am doing about 20-30 minutes a night when I get home from work. I know that most people exercise in the morning, but evenings seem to work better for me. In the past I have always started out doing too much, too soon and ended up quiting. So I am now I'm trying the slow-and-gradual approach:-)


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I do about 18 minutes on an elliptical trainer every other day---before I shower in the morning. I set the resistance on the highest level and I burn about 50 calories at a time. Doesn't seem like much, but it adds up over a month and it's definitely better than sitting on my tush!

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Mini-workout in the am before my shower: 20 pushups (most are half/modified, I do as many full ones as I can first - I'm up to 8), 25 crunches, 20 squats.

Sun/Tues/Thurs nights (9pm or so - we like late workouts): To the gym w/DF for 20 min. on the treadmill, then a little weight lifting

Every night before bed: Stretching exercises (quick, and nothing too straining

I started the morning and evening routines because I used to feel *soooo* guilty on those inevitable nights when we'd skip the since I can do those two things anywhere and they take about 5 minutes, I don't feel bad about missing the gym occasionally, because at least I'm doing *something* on a daily basis. :-)

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I walk 45 minutes on the treadmill over my lunch hour on Monday thru Fridays. If I can do it, I try to fit some in on the weekends but with 2 small kids, its hard.


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I try to walk every day about 20 minutes. I'm also doing the Joyce Vedral "Bottoms Up" workout 6 days a week (some days I don't--but I'm trying to do better about this) She recommends on one of her plans doing 3 days of upper body workout and 3 days of lower body workout. The middle body can be worked every day. I rest on Sundays.

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Yoga for 1 1/2 hours 3 times a week, aqua yoga for 1 hour a week, water strength training 1 hour per week. I really want to start doing the treadmill and elliptical again. I try to exercise at least 5 times a week.

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