crying over spilled paint

foggyjJanuary 9, 2005

An open can of exterior paint was knocked over on our garage floor, we tried to cover it with newspaper (which was the closest thing available) It did absorb a little. Before we could get to cleaning it up further, it has dried and of course the newspaper is stuck to the floor. We've scraped some of the newspaper up, but of course the dark brown paint remains. About a 2ft by 3ft space. Any suggestions how to remove the paint and stuck on newspaper?

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call a paint store-bet they can sell you a solvent that will take most of it up and then you may need to sand the rest.

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Good idea...............Thanks

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Let it SOAK WITH WATER and if it is latex it will come up with some scraping. If it is Oil then good luck probably there to stay. OOPs might work you cn get that in the paint section at Wal-Mart. We use tons of paint in our childrens furniture business and spill all the time. Water and a wire brush usually gets it all or nearly all up.

Good Luck

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Thanks. I'm ready to try to solve the problem, trouble is my DH has covered a lot of the area with junk/stuff for a garage sale in a few months. So now it won't get fixed until that is over. Maybe somebody will buy our garage!

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You're lucky. Our last spilled can was on the carpet. Got most of it up with sponges, paper towels, etc. We still have a stain - mostly covered by a bed. Garage floor should be no problem to scrape and clean with soap and water (if it's water based). Otherwise, scraping and solvent - paint thinner (?) should do it.

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This happened to my mother just after she sold her house. I ended up taking an electric sander to it with progressively finer sandpaper. Got it all up.

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Heat gun....

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