What do you nosh on?

awm03January 29, 2006

One thing about dieting: I miss mindless eating. To satisfy my urge to nosh without hugely regretting it later, I buy cartons of brussels sprouts. Pop 'em all in the microwave, and voila -- snacks for the day. One sprout takes a long time to chew and is only about 9 calories, so I feel like I'm cheating wildly when I nosh on four brussels sprouts. Except I'm not blowing my diet at all!

Other nosh treats:

1. Medjool dates. One date is about 23 calories, and is soooo sugary that one is about all I can stand anyway. Eating one gives me a sugar rush and makes me feel like I've had a rich dessert. They're also chewy, which helps with the nosh urges.

2. Cherry-essence or lemon-essence prunes. Same thing as the dates: very sweet, chewy, delicious. About 20 cals. per prune. 3 prunes constitute dessert for me.

3. Cream savers: 1 after dinner for dessert, or sometimes 1 before dinner while cooking. But only 1 either way. 1 before dinner takes the hunger edge off, and feels like wild cheating.

I guess something about that "wild cheating" feeling makes me feel less deprived!

Anyway, I've lost 6 pounds this month. Many more to go. Anybody else have any snack/nosh/dessert tricks?

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Little peppermint patties. Just one is enough to make me think I had a calorie loaded dessert. About 15 calories each.

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Put about 12-20 grapes in the freezer for an hour or so and ENJOY!!!!

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Baby carrots, they are nice and crunchy and take away the hunger.

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A Tootsie Pop is only 60 calories. A cup of dry cheerios is only 100. Both take a while to eat and are very satisfying.

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10 chocolate chips -- eaten slow with a cup of coffee they are oh, so satisfying!

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