How many sew for Barbie?

ruthieg_txFebruary 3, 2002

Just wondering how many people we have here that sew for Barbie?

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I do.. I started sewing clothes for my grandchildren and it became a habit. I was hooked! Now I make them to sell at craft shows. This is one craft that will sell at every show. I always make good money with them. Very high profit margin and I get alot of repeat buyers.

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Hi Deb.....good to hear from you. I've had some success too..Do you sew for sizes other than 11 1/5 " Barbie like skipper, ken about mysize and supersize? Going to send you an email....

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I used to. Still have a bunch of patterns from a lot of sources.

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Well it looks like I am about to. My DD has a birthday party to attend next week, and I don't like buying gifts....although we have a Barbie-free house (lol), I know this other little girl loves them.... Yikes...I am going to have to go out and buy a barbie to do my fittings, eh?!?!
Oh was bound to happen one day.

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I've been sewing for Barbie for almost 30 years. I still have my original patterns and use them. Vintage Barbie styles are very popular right now. And evening gowns are always popular. Also any thing with white fur. Orange is not a real popular color. Hot pink, purple, red, and blue items sell well. Flashy, silky and fuzzy materials seem to attract the most attention. Sewing for Barbie is a great way to use up small scraps. Just remember to use smaller scale plaids and prints. Have fun!

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I recently had the opportunity to sew for Barbie. Was disappointed in some of the patterns. One fancy dress had the seam down the middle of the skirt.. I thought it was the side seams when cutting it out. I embroidered on it , did a fancy hem etc. then found out it didn't fit. Of course not having played Barbie in years I didn't realize that some of her measurements have changed. yet most of the patterns I used were very generous... including another fancy dress pattern. Oh well my niece in Scotland was immensely pleased with them. Sue

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I have been very very busy lately making Barkie a new wardrobe.....just wondering what everyone else is doing.......are you still sewing for Barbie?

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where do you all find patterns for barbie clothing I am rpaiting and themeing barbies but I dont have patterns

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Raven you can buy Barbie patterns at in fabric shop or walmart. There are also lots of free patterns out on the internet. Just use a search engine and type in free Barbie Patterns.

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I am just getting into sewing for Barbie and I especially like the vintage look of the 50's and 60's. Does anyone know where to find vintage scale fabrics? You know, mini prints and small plaids and checks? Thank you

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Try fabric shops that specialize in quilting fabrics...losts of small scale prints and retro reproductions too.

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Haha these old threads have been around forever...any Barbie Moms out there?

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I have many pieces of fur that would be perfect for Barbie hats, capes, stoles,etc. Click the link and go there to see. These are mink in various colors. My email is:

Here is a link that might be useful: Ebay Store

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I had a long time friend ask me to make Barbie clothes for her 2 grand-daughters. Although I have sewn for years I had never made tiny clothes like these. Once I got into it I really enjoyed them. I found myself designing my own styles. They were so much fun because it took so little fabric and here was a place I could use up all those nice scraps of fabric and trims. Since the girls were young I used narrow strips of velcro for closures. I made little coats from felt that looked like wool and stitched tiny little ribbons or ribbon roses on them for trim. After I made about 10 little outfits I sent them to her thinking I was they wanted MORE. By the time I was through I had completed about 25 little pieces that could be mixed and matched giving them quite a few looks. I don't know who had more fun....the Grandma..the girls.......or ME! hahaha

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Well, I am off in Barbie Land again. This time I am making clothing for an adult collector. She tells me "Just make anything you want for them" OH WOW, I just loved hearing that. You can find so many little things to trim them with. I used parts of jewelry, scraps of leather from an old purse, chains and whatever looks neat. Here are just a few of my creations. (my own patterns were used)

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Barbies , Barbies, Barbies

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And yet another Barbie

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Last but not least

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Off topic, but can't resist to say hi to Ruthie. Nice to know you are still busy with Barbies. I gave up collecting and sold my dolls when the prices started to go down. I did keep some baby dolls that remind me of when my boys were that age.


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Wow, the detail is so good! I'm just hoping to make some modest tops to go with some pants I already have. I googled patterns, the first couple I tried, I was not happy with. And tiny clothes, they are so hard to sew. I was thinking maybe some fleece "sweaters" might be easier to work with. They are for charity....I buy used dolls, fix them up and a church mission group hand them out in Romania.


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Just a follow up. I had great success today making tops with polar fleece! The pattern was simple and colors solid, so I got to use a lot of cutting techniques and trims to pretty them up.


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