Dead mouse in my Baby's bedroom

silversiloettJanuary 14, 2009

Ugh!! I noticed a smell in my baby's room a few days ago. I was sure that it was just the stench from her diaper pail. Then I went to a basket where I keep all of her baby blankets and a dead mouse fell out of one of her blankets. I was in tears from being so disgusted. My daughter is only 11 months old and I refuse to let her play in her room now. I don't want a mouse to come near her.

Basically, I'm just wandering what I should do in order to sanitize her blankets again. I also thought about steam cleaning her carpet after I saw the dead mouse there, but I know there is an easier way to make everything safe for her again. Please help!!

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I would be more curious as to whether your cat(?) left it there (sounds most likely), but if not, finding (at the bottom back of closets) where it came from and sealing up any openings. Can you not get the blankets dry cleaned?

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Wash the blanket....put it into the washer with a scoop of oxyclean and whatever detergent you's fine! I would be more concerned with what dry cleaning leaves behind in the way of chemicals than whatever might be on the blankets after washing them!
I suspect that somehow that mouse got poisioned....and the soucrce of that poision would be of a lot more concern to me that the mouse!
And not letting her play in the room after you found a dead mouse is a little like locking the barn door after the horse has been stolen.
As for cryingabout it???
Stop that and get busy and find out how that mouse got there!
Linda C

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If it can get into that room it may have travelled all over the house. Lindac is right, get busy and seal up the holes in your house. Holes around pipes under the sinks are a classic entry point. I once watched one come out of the TV cable outlet in my living room. They can get in through very small openings.

As for germs, your kid is not going to die. Clean things up and she'll be fine. They say some germs are necessary for the development of a healthy immune system.

Don't be squeamish, it's only a mouse!

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After finding a fresh mouse dropping in my toddler's bed I set to finding a suitable mouse deterant. I found it in the guise of peppermint - mice hate it! I used peppermint essence or oil and dipped cottonwool balls in it. Left then under every piece of furniture and in the wardrobe. After that I never saw a sign of mice in her room, I checked almost daily.

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That's a great idea cheryl...we have a mouse deterrent called Gray Tabby... :-)

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I know how upsetting something like this is. You just don't want rodents around baby. Is she crawling yet? If it's a while before she crawls, the passage of time will be good too.

Wash and dry the blankets twice. That will give you peace of mind. Vacuum the house well, and any traces of the mice should be gone after that. really do need to find out how it got in or you could have more.

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Oh, I feel your pain! My last house was in the country and made of milled log. Lots of "entry points". We had a contract with a professional pest control company for preventative measures. Still they would get in just as the weather got colder.
My little one was in an exersaucer, the kind that is like a weeble on the bottom - and a field mouse ran underneath! It was toast.
I was just shuddering for days! Imagine if she's been on the floor ...
They also are horrible on soft toys, if they get into them.
Try and find out how the mouse got in and fill any gaps bigger than a dime with copper wool. Then get some traps that cannot be opened except with a key. The bait will "dry out" the mouse so that it doesn't stink too much once it dies.
There is no worse smell than decomposing rodent in a wall - trust me.
I am sorry if I have offended any animal rights activists. I draw the line at sharing my house with rodents that a minimum can exacerbate allergies and at most cause the growth of terribly unhealthy bacteria.

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We had mice coming into out attic every fall. Traps galore and disposing of dead mice was not for me!! My husband read on a car forum that if you put Irish Spring Bar Soap around it will keep mice away. Well, this fall we bought about 20 bars at Sam's Club and broke them half and spread them around the attic. I have only had 2 mice caught in the traps this year!! (previous years we had at least 2 a week!!) I think they decided to winter somewhere else this year.

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chefnewbie: the excersaucer story is hilarious!

I'm going to have to try the Irish Spring, we do get them in the attic and garage now and then.

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I would not dry clean anything my baby came in contact with. The dangers of mouse droppings are less than the dangers of residual perchlorothane.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: dry cleaning hazards

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