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lcbearJanuary 14, 2003

I need to remove old living room furniture from my home, but can't. My security door needs to be removed, and I don't know how to get it off, seems there are tamper proof screws on the door....I know they have bits for these screws but what size and kind do I buy. I'm a single mom and need advice fast, since my new furniture is waiting in the store to be delivered. Am I reduced to sawing the old set in half, can't remember whether I had the new door when I got the old set or not, seems to me the security door was there when they got the furniture there...any advice

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Describe the heads of the tamper-proof screws.

If they're the kind that use a flat screwdriver and the grooves curve on the side the counter-clockwise side, then you'll have to drill them to get them out. Almost anything else could be unscrewqed with a special bit, which for the most part can be found at Home Depot or similar stores.

If they have two tiny holes, there's a tool that looks like a pair of pliers with two tiny points sticking out that fit into the screw head. That tool is also available at Home Depot.

As an entrance door, at 30" or wider, you almost always can maneuver standard furniture through it. Sometimes you need to stand it on end and rotate through the doorway; sometimes you might need to do things like remove legs. It's not always a one-person job. :)

I presume you have no other passageway to the outside, like a sliding door elsewhere, or garage entrance, or big removable picture window?

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Try and drive out the hinge pins.

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The screwheads on the hinges might have an "odd" look to them because they are probably designed for a "no slip" quick installation rather than security. Take a look at the link and maybe you can find the type of head....

Here is a link that might be useful: rack and shelf

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