anyone try the cabbage diet?

FredaSKJanuary 5, 2009

Well I am going to start this as of today. The soup actually tastes quite yummy. I am just glad I am working the late shift.I need to lose 10-15 pounds. I also do the eliptical in the morning and some kind of stomach crunches. Wish me luck for I usually bomb. Hope everyone has a set goal for themselves and all the best to you.


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I've tried it but never last long - too much 'gas' for me but I do like the soup. I just can't take the cramps. I need a slow, balanced diet. I too have about the same amount to shed. I'm in your corner and hope to see you post often. Keep us posted - good, bad or ugly - we are all in the same boat and rowing together.
If this doesn't work for you don't give up, just move on to something that works for you. There is no failure - I have to take it ounce by ounce, pound by pound.

You go girl!

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Day 2 of Cabbage diet and yes gassy and alittle crampy but managed the day yesterday. Today I get to eat as much vegetables and the soup as I want. We will see where the craving takes me. I try to controll other craving with water. Well I hope today works good as long as no one is around hehehe and did the eleptical for 1/2 and on my supper break I will use the hoolo hoop for 15 minutes. Take care I just need to get rid of this muffin top

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Day 3 and I feel pretty good. That starchy food is creeping on me I love chips and that is my huge downfall. I did really well for day 2 but I had a handfull of chips YIKES!!!! I hope that was ok today is all the fruit and veges i want and some soup. SO I pack all that in until I am full. I did the eleptical this am and now going to do the hoola hoop at break time for its extremely cold here and I work evenings and should not go out.I feel ok and yes still gassy and a few cramping but I want to try this and stick to it and see how it works. If anything I know I'm not full of crap or gas anymore. I will keep you posted. Enjoy! Remeber the hoola hoop does wonders on your hips and tummy.

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Well, how are things today? I'm still in your corner and cheering for you!

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Day 5 and things are going pretty good. Last night I cheated with some popcorn but other than that I did what the diet called for. Today though I suppose to eat tomoatoes and have a piece of chicken breat or beef. I will have chicken breast today for supper and some soup but I will not eat any tomatoes. Those just kill me! I break out and i get loads of pimples. I am not going to eat that. WE will see. My weigh in day is monday. So we will see:)
Weekend coming around the corner I hope I can stick to it. Soup is almost gone. Hubby was eating it too. Good luck to anyone elses diet and if it worked for you please let us know, Thanks

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What all goes into this soup diet? Maybe I could get a Jump Start!!

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I'm new at this posting andI forget to post my e-mail!!S

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Here's what WebMD says about the cabbage soup diet.

What the Experts Say

There is little debate as to whether this is a sound diet plan. Indeed, it has all the components of a diet disaster.

"It is a monotonous, short-term fix, severely lacking in nutrients, which will result in a weight loss that is primarily water and not the essential fat loss that is so important to improving health," says Connie Diekman, MEd, RD, president-elect of the American Dietetic Association.

Here is a link that might be useful: WebMD cabbage soup

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