how do you curl barbies hair?

leslie_virnig221January 1, 2007

i have a brunette barbie with green eyes from the 60's, but her hair would look so much better curled. how do i do this?

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Here is the way I do mine...I'm not telling you to do it because I don't want to be held responsible but I do it this way....I find something to roll her hair up on...twist ties, toothpicks etc..depending on the look I am after, then pour boiling hot water over her head and then let it air dry...It will be very very curly...

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I am a cosmetologist. And this is how lots of people do it. But you dont have to use boiling water. It will do great with tepid water also. You can buy doll curlers also. I found lots of them on ebay. I have done lots of barbies.

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cut i inch straws and roll barbies hair and use bobby pins to hold it in place and dip it into boiling water and leave it to dry then remove it

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Thank you for the information. I've got a barbie and her hair is a mess. I've been trying to fix it forever.

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If dolls hair is tangled, I use conditioner mixed half and half with water in a spray bottle and comb a small amount at a time starting from the bottom.

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