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deemarie5500January 28, 2008



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Hello and [[[[HUGS]]]] to everyone!

Maddie, it's so good to see you post. You can vent and carry on all you want. It is certainly no pity party....my definition of a pity party is just feeling sorry for yourself when you have nothing to complain about. You, my friend, have a huge load to carry lately and need to let us lighten it for you. We are here for you (and Rog!)

BJ wrote and will be catching up soon. She is involved in lots and lots of stuff right now. It was good to see her name on my e:mail this weekend. Miss ya, BJ!

Got out to see my doctor today. My weight was a disaster, but blood pressure was so/so (not high so that's good). I told him about my stomach pain and he check briefly for appendix and gallbladder. told me to eat blandly and return if it does not improve. He never mentioned that things were going around, although i did tell him that I had been on a cruise with lots of sick people (who had other ailments similar but not exactly like mine). Well, on the way home from the doc's, the NJ radio talk person is apologizing for not being himself. Seems he has something "that's going around" which is upper stomach pain!! I shouted into the radio, ME TOO!! Made me feel better that it's not stress or something worse.

OK, I'm supposed to be working from home today, so I need to get back to actual work.

Hope all of you are going to have a much better week. Everyone here deserves it. Treat yourselves as you treat others.

Take care, eat healthfully, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Good Monday evening! It's been warm here today, 68, but overcast, so it looks cooler.

Dee, I've had symptoms somewhat like yours in the past, and it was diverticulosis. It was very painful. I hope that you've just got what's going 'round, and that it will give up and leave you very soon!

BJ is always one busy lady. I hope life is going well for her even though it is very full.

Maddie, telling it like it is isn't having a pity party. It's just explaining how life is for you right now. That's one of the good things about this board. People are ready to listen and offer hugs.

I haven't lost anything in over a week, but I know that I'm consuming too many carbs. I'm past menopause, but I get cravings for a stretch at a time about once a month.

Youngest Dson, dad to Aubrie, just called to say that he had gotten a great promotion at work. He will now have regular hours, weekends and holidays off, and no more uniform or being around the prisoners. Talk about the answer to one of my prayers for them! Now when he'll need to take off for Aubrie's biopsy, he'll be delaying jailers' training and PT instead of leaving them shorthanded inside the jail.

Hope you're all having a busy and successful day!

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Dee - Thanks for getting things going. Looks like it may be a quiet board around here this week. Now that you don't have to worry about your stomach pain, it will probably go away LOL. At least I hope it does.

Milkdud - I am so happy for you DS - what perfect timing for him and the family. One less thing for you to worry about as well. Enjoy your warm weather.

Here is the Un-birthday list, let me know if I missed you or if you need to be added, no pressure, I just don't want to leave anyone out:

Whatever happened to Tikanis? Did I just imagine that she checked in here a few weeks ago?

BJ - if you are lurking, I wish you were coming on vacation with me too! (thank you)

Busy at work and busy with trying to get ready for vacation. I am not going to miss this snow and cold.

Have a great evening.

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Hi all!

Thanks for understanding--I just seem to be such a downer here lately--I just need to remember-all things for a reason, and things get better! :)

One of the ladies that I work with did the funniest thing to me today--I was in my office, and behind my desk when she came in and turned around so that I couldn't see what she was doing to my coat (that was draped across one of my chairs), and when she moved, I saw that she had taken a life-sized head shot of George Clooney and stuck it it the neck of my coat to make it look like he was sitting there--I just rolled--the expression on his face is just priceless, and the way she posed it is classic--made my whole day!! (I left it there; I hope the cleaning crew doesn't have a cow when they see it--lol!! )

Well, in 1 month, we'll be in Vegas, baaaayyyybe! We've never been before, so this is going to be an ugly display of over-indulging! We're going to see a Circe show, and I'm going to see Bette Midler, and gad only knows what else we'll get into. Any suggestions from anyone as to what not to miss? (We're spending 2 days of the trip at the Grand Canyon also)

Hope to catch up on the posts soon!



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Maddie - best thing about Vegas - people watching, Circe shows are fun too. Enjoy!

I got on my Treadmill tonight and walked one entire mile. It was one of those days when 'start, do 10 minutes and before you know it a half hour will go by' was not close to the truth. I just didn't care.

I ate pretty good today...hopefully I'll have more energy for exercise tomorrow.

Lots of stomach stuff around here too. Hoping to steer clear myself but have to say, my sister lost 4 pounds when she had it. LOL.

Have a great week all. Thanks for all of your support this long month of January. I think in the end I will have lost and kept off 2 pounds. Not great but in the right direction.

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Whenicit~Great job on doing the walking. I should start myself. LOL

Maddie~I don't think that any of us think of you as complaining. We are all here for you. :) I'll be eager to hear about your Vegas trip. Sounds exciting.

Raeanne~Tikanis was here & she was gone almost as fast. Perhaps it has to do with that new home?

Milkdud~I'm so excited for DS. That is great news for the entire family. I got caught up on all of the latest from my DGD last night. ;)

Dee~Thanks for getting us started. When are you going on vacation? You are going someplace warmer, where will that be?

Hi to all!

Not a whole lot new here. It has been a little cooler for us which has been nice. I need to go in & have more in-depth blood testing done sometime this week. Doc says the other doc didn't do enough tests. Hmm... I second what Dee said..."treat yourself like you would others." Patti :)

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Hello all,

Hope everyone is doing well. Maddie, I am thinking of you. You know we don't judge you for venting here.

When it rains it pours here. Sunday evening my sweet Siamese Blue was not feeling well at all. I took him to the vet first thing yesterday and he is in renal failure. He spent the night at the vet on an IV and I am waiting to hear how he is doing this morning. The vet said that some cats can recover from this enough to live several more years so I am hoping that after they run his vitals and blood work this afternoon he will be able to come home with me tonight. The vet and I agree that his recovery would be less stressful at home. Say prayers for my sweet little soul, Blue. I love him so.

My little Buddah having a sun bath

Hope everyone has a good day. Supposed to be in the low 40's here! Unreal.

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[[[[[Suzanne & Kitty]]]]]]




Raeanne, you are right...this morning I feel so much better. That lingering bellyache could have been intensified by stressing over it.

QOD: What are your plans for Super Bowl? We have a Christianing in the early afternoon (1:45pm). DH and the other guys are furious over this, but the baby's daddy is not a football fan. LOL!!! We should be home by kickoff and I'll make some special high-fat, carbo snacks for Mr. Skinny DH. I'm going to make sure that I have hummus and raw veggies on hand for me as well as Trader Joe's tortilla (w/ flax seed--they are great!) with salsa.

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Good Tuesday morning! It's warm here again, 69, and once again very overcast. We have a 40% chance of rain, and I do believe that we'll get it.

(((((Suzanne and Blue))))) I hope your kitty is able to come home to recover. You are such a devoted furmom.

Raeanne, I'll just bet you're getting excited about your vacation! Anywhere warm for you must sound heavenly right now.

Patti, did you study hard for your blood tests? lol Glad to hear you got caught up on DGD. It'a always fun, isn't it? My DGD is now climbing onto the sofa and standing up, so I said "sit down" a lot while visiting. She can now say it. The other day, she was sitting in her little FP reading chair, then decided to stand up on it. The chair talks to her all the time, so it said "sit down" to her! She looked at big sis, did her "what?" with her hands, then asked big sis where Mimi was? I guess she thought that I had said it, but she didn't see me anywhere! LOL

Maddie, Vegas, baby!!!!! That will be so much fun, especially seeing Bette. I watched her yesterday on Oprah, and she is still fantastic.

Whenicit, take pride in what you DID do this month!

I've got to run some errands this morning, so I'd better get moving. Have a great day, everyone!

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I was reading here & got the call from my DM that she had to put her male dog to sleep. He would have been 15 years old in March. I am so grateful that we were able to see him at Christmas.

NH Suzanne~Prayers are being said for your pretty baby.

Raeanne~I guess that I got you & Dee confused. Doi... Where are you going to get to go that is nice & warm?

Dee~Sorry about that. I'd lose my head if it tweren't attached.

Milkdud~Your DGD sounds too cute. Gotta luv them! Our Aubrey still isn't too sure about talking on the "real" telephone yet. LOL She loves her play cell phones though.

We had talked about having calamari for Super Bowl. Dave hasn't mentioned anything lately though so I don't know what if he is still thinking about that or not. He made some salsa with some tomatillos last nite & if you haven't tasted it--you should give it a try. He did put in tomatoes as well. The tomatillos give it a sweeter taste without putting in any sugar. It tasted very good. Hope everyone is having a great day. Be good to yourselves. Patti :)

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A little good news......Blue has improved and the doc thinks he can come home tonight. He's not great but improved and I will take it. More later.

Sorry to all. I feel like I am self absorbed right now (which I am) but I am thinking of you all.

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Maddie - if you never saw the Divine Ms M you are in for a HUGE treat. I have seen her twice and both times she just blew us away. I also got to actually meet and talk to her in a ladies room at an airport in the Bahamas, she is so nice, she initiated the chat. I was trying to respect her privacy, especially in the restroom LOL.

Patti - my dog is 14, losing her eyesight and hearing. I know the day isn't too far off. But 15 is a good age for a dog - but I hope it wasn't too traumatic for your mom.

Suzanne - ((((HUGS)))) my boss has a cat that had something very similar that was over a year ago and the cat is doing fine right now. She actually had lost a lot of weight, but has put a lot back on. I hope your baby is around a lot longer - pain free. Blue is a beauty - I will keep him in my thoughts.

Whenicit - not a great way to lose weight, but sometimes it doesn't sound that bad to me LOL. 2lb loss is much better than a gain!

Milkdud - I am ready for vacation. It was suppose to reach 40 today and it is just 29 and we had some freezing rain which made a little mess of things.

Dee - I am glad that you are feeling better.

QOD - We will be in the Dominican Republic for Superbowl. DH obviously had no idea the Giants would be playing when we made our reservations in June LOL. Otherwise we would be at a local restaurants that puts out a beauitful spread - we had a blast last year.

Maddie - I am happy to hear you got a good laugh at work. That is hysterical! Are you in for the exchange or taking a pass with your plate overflowing these days?

Enjoy the rest of your day.

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Happy WEDNESDAY Everyone!

Great news, Suzanne. Please don't think you are self-absorbed. We all go through phases where our lives are spinning faster than normal.

SPECIAL NOTE: I think all of us who frequent this board are more the giving type, so it's harder for us to accept a little extra help and/or support without feeling guilty. I am hereby giving special permission to everyone to vent, seek advice, and weep whenever necessary without apologizing! SO IT IS WRITTEN! LOL!!

Raeanne, I envy you, even though I get my fair share of vacations. You will have fun. My friend at work is leaving on Saturday with her DH for Cozumel. We had dinner with them last weekend. He's a huge GIANTS fan (family season ticket holders from when his father was young!), and he actually took out insurance for the trip just in case the Giants made it! The hotel claims that they will be airing the Super Bowl, so he has agreed to still take her. We shall see! lol

Well, our weekly managers' meeting was cancelled this morning due to lack of interest (no lie!) haha! Maybe I can catch up a bit from the 2 meetings I attended yesterday!

[[[[[[[[[[[[[HUGS to Everyone]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

Make today count!

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Good morning all,

Blue is doing okay this morning - not eating which worries me. I gave him his subcutaneous fluids this morning and hopefully it will make him feel better. When I picked him up the vet was not nearly as optimistic as she sounded on the phone......he is in severe renal failure and his condition is guarded. Still, he was so happy to be home and had a pretty good night in spite of not eating. I know he will let me know when things need to change. In the meantime I will continue to be hopeful that he can recover. Every animal is a heartbreak eventually but I would never deny myself the joy of loving them.

Raeanne, I envy your vacation too! I hope you have a great time. The truth is I wouldn't want to be so far away from my animals and home anymore. I know, I am hopeless! LOL do you think any one cares about the superbowl in DR?

Milkdud, I loved your advice to Whenicit - take pride in what you DID do this month. It's something I think most of overlook because we are too busy beating ourselves up!!

Dee, my heading is spinning right off my shoulders right now between DS and Blue. The more I know people the more I love my animals. DS weighs heavily on my mind.........will this young man ever get it!

Anyway, as Marci asked us to do share something positive or nice that has happened to you recently.

I have the love and support of all of you here and that is really comforting. I am feeling the love and feeling the hugs...........love and hugs back.

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Suzanne - I am glad that Blue seems to be a bit better. I hope with time he will be back to his old self and eating well. I have a very hard time leaving my dog, so I can't imagine how you would feel. However, once I am there and laying in the sun, the sadness seems to pass LOL. No, not too many people will be worried about the superbowl in DR - especially ME. Still sending positive thoughts to both DS and Blue (and you).

Dee - I agree, it is very hard for most of us here to accept help. That has been my lesson for many years - I am getting better at it. Thanks for making it official. I wonder if I could get my boss to agree with taking a day off from work - due to lack of interest??? hmmmmmmmmm

Something positive for me this week, was my art teacher's excitement and enthusiasm when he saw the painting I was working on! That always makes me smile! If it wasn't for "starving artist syndrome" I would quit my job and paint LOL.

Our rain has just turned to snow, although it is 39 degress - a cold front is moving in and I feel like moving out.

Enjoy your day.

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Hi all!

(((((hugs & smootchies)))) Suzanne--what a sweet picture, thank you for sharing it! :) I love Siamese kitties; the first cat that owned me was a Siamese--and he let everyone know it!! LOL! I hope he is doing better!!!

Dee--lucky you! I can only wish that meetings could get canceled around my work. Mine is just the opposite--a meeting for any reason or no reason at all. And I like your proclamation!! I think we ought to adopt it as the first cardinal law around here--

Raeanne--yes, I do want to be in on the un-birthday exchange. :) I meant to tell you, but I forgot. And I had also forgotten that you'd seen her--I have a tix for 2/29--I can hardly wait--:)

Our weather is nutz--it was 62 yesterday, and it dropped to 23 last night. Strange. I think we're supposed to have snow during the next couple of days--

Anyone reading anything interesting?



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Maddie - I am just finishing Eat Pray Love and have enjoyed it, although it has taken me a long time to read - I just don't have the time. I am taking Water for Elephants and the Red Tent on vacation with me. Nutty weather here too!

What does everyone think if I keep the unBirthday list going until I get back from vacation. Dee has a February birthday - so maybe we should leave it up to her. What do you think Dee? I have emailed a few people but haven't heard back from them.

UnBirthday List

Jen - I emailed you but it bounced back, did you change addresses or did I screw up?

Donna - I met to tell you I got the One Year Chronological Bible and am enjoying it. It is just broken into short readings to do daily.

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Yeah, it's THURSDAY!

Raeanne, I have no problem waiting until you get back. Does not matter at my age when I celebrate, as long as I'm alive. LOL!

Viva Las Vegas, Maddie! E:mail me if you want some info, but you can go onling and decide which hotels you want to see. Do not expect to see all of them; you would need a month. Check out New York, New York for sure, though, so you can take Rog through a virtual tour (now that you are an expert!) ;-)

Suzanne, when things settle down with you and Raeanne gets back from her vacation, we should start thinking about a date for Saratoga; maybe April? (Donna, we want you to get that date into your calendar too!)

My eating was way off last night. I got home late after spending 1 hour and 10 minutes in the fitness center, and then binge-snacked until dinner was ready. Yuck!

Something good that happened this week -- my friend in work got great bloodwork numbers back. She's finally pregnant after years of trying and was worried that she would have blood sugar issues, but all is well. I am thrilled for her and her husband!

Patti, how is Dave doing this week?

Share the good, the bad, and the ugly with us!


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Dee~Dave is doing good. I am so happy & thrilled for your DF & her DH. How wonderful for them.

Hi all! Things around here are splendid. A couple of hours until "Rabbit, Rabbit". LOL Now who will get it first this time? I have a book club meeting tomorrow & I haven't read a book this month. I'm too busy scrapbooking. One thing about my scrapbooking~it does seem to use up more than one creative brain cell! tee hee Dave & I have done real cute cards for our DMs for Mother's Day & have gotten ideas in our heads for our DFs too. Just waiting for the paper.

Hope that everyone can have an upbeat moment. Live for today. Patti :)

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Rabbit - Rabbit!

I woke up this morning to the sound of freezing rain hitting my windows. Two minutes later, the bus barn called to let me know of a 2-hour delay. Hopefully it will turn into all rain before I head out the door.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

((HUGS))) to all who need them!

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Great Marci! You are the Rabbit! Rabbit! today. LOL Tomorrow someone can be the Groundhog! Groundhog! ROFL I told my DM yesterday that it was Gopher! Gopher! I knew that it started with a "G". I'm almost 50 & you cannot get one by me very quickly..."roll of the eyes here!" Brother!

It seems that FL & the deep south of TX where Milkdud is are the warm spots in the good ol' US. I think about Gretchen when the news talks about Chicago & how much snow they have had this year. They are at 36" & still going. I hope that everyone has a good weekend.

[[[[ H U G S ]]]] Patti :)) Good ol' double chin. ha ha

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Well, happy Rabbit, Rabbit to y'all! (hey, I'm Southern today!) hahahahahaha

TGIF, but it's sleeting here today. I got into work OK, but the parking lot was an ice rink. I'm waiting for the temps to rise a bit and then I'm out of here! Came in for a meeting which was mandatory and then it was cancelled. grrrrrrrr

Patti, I was lol @ the gopher thing. This morning I spent some time doing a crossword and could not think of "Peter Sellers" for the life of me. I kept telling DH that it was in my mind but would not come forward. So frustrating. DH finally took the back end of the newspaper and found the answer key for me so I could get my shower and out to the office! LOL!!!

[[[[[[[[HUGS]]]]]]]]]]]] to everyone. I'm including myself because we are still having problems with 2 of my siblings who just don't get it. Thank God for my one sister who is like my twin. We have the same values and sense of responsbility. We try to make each other laugh about some things, but it gets ponderous. I really feel the pain of Maddie, Suzanne, and Donna lately.

Hope that everyone is safe today. Check in and say hello!


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Patti - I will wear my Rabbit-Rabbit crown proudly today! LOL

And I can go you one better on Gopher Day. I asked my morning class if anyone knew what special day Saturday was. One little girl frantically waved her hand so I called on her. Her answer was.......................
"Hannah Montana Movie Day!"
After I was done laughing and explaining that even though the movie starts today, it wasn't a holiday.
Then another little girl put up her hand and I called on her and her answer was................"National Hedgehog Day!" We decided that Harry the Hedgehog was Punxitawny Phil's cousin! LOL I finally had to give them the answer and one little girl asked me later where the "hog" was right now. I had to laugh, because we are right in Groundhog country, being so close to Punxitawny.

That is my funny for the day.

Have a good weekend!

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Marci~You had me rolling. LOL I almost E-mailed you to ask you how in the world ol' Phil could possibly see his shadow today? I know that it was a possibility here part of the day but I never thought that it would be there.

Dee~I think that we are all feeling Maddie, Suzanne, & Donna's pain, for certain. [[[[ H U G S ]]]]

Milkdud~Are you doing a loving babysitting job or something? I haven't seen you around the past couple of days.

Well, everyone have a good weekend. I finished two scrapbooks today. We have done 2 Mother's Day cards so far & have 2 more to go. We have done 1 Father's Day card & have 3 more to go. It is fun to do them yourself, especially when you can think of your own material. LOL This will be a good year for folks! Be good to yourselves. Super Bowl begins in about 13 hours. Patti :)

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Hi Deemarie,
I'm back and looking forward to joing the new daily support thread for this week.

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