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kathy_January 3, 2005

That's how many diet commercials I saw this morning while watching the news. 2 Jenny Craigs, 1 Slim Fast, 1 antismoking one for good measure. Dr. Phil is about resolutions this week and there were diet comparisons on The View. Tis the season!

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Well I can understand why...everyone is feeling fat after the holidays and probably lots of Losing Weight Resolutions out there....

There were 25 people who signed up at our WW's class last night...some new and some just returning like me.

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Why do we do this to ourselves during the holidays? I still baked and cooked the same amount of food as last year (that put pounds on these hips). Yet, like last year, my company refused to take most of the food and baked goods home with them (because they had enough!).

With all those goodies around, it's hard to resist. I need to use much more restraint next year. If I run out of goodies, so what?

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Dee I understand...I baked knowing full well I will get a box of baked stuff and fudge from my sister. We are human after all and crave the stuff. And now we beat ourself up but the weight will come off and it was fun while it lasted.
Ruthie I went to WW years ago and there was always a mad rush after the holidays but by March most of them were gone.
I love the Discovery Health (body challenge) commercial where the woman squuezes her fat and slaps it and it goes away - if it were only that easy.
Stay strong....

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