Doll maker retiring

KirstenHopeJanuary 24, 2011

Hello all. I looking for some advice on how to go about selling my mother-in-law's doll "stuff". She is not longer able to make her babies and would to sell the inventory she has collected over the years. She used to teach classes so she has all types of heads and body parts not put together or painted. She also has wigs and dresses. Is there some place that will buy bulk? All of the wigs and dresses are new. Wigs are still in the boxes. Looking for any advice!! Thank you!! All of the doll stuff is in Florida.

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Kristen--I would try posting it in craft stores + wallmart bulletin board. some radio stations have a trading post to sell stuff. I have sold craft stuff at garage sales and it hase been a success. Maby a resale shop would buy it outright, I would only take in a couple of boxes to get the conversation going and to see if there is any interist. Hope this helps. Paula

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Kristen-- Do you still have any of the doll making items? If you are interested only in selling as bulk? I have 3 or 4 dolls that the wigs were ruined on when our dog accidently got to them while we were on vacation. We had someone housesitting and they let the dog go into a room where he was not allowed. Whenwe returned and saw what he had done my granddaughter was devestated. We live in NC though so if we pay could you ship them? Please email and let me know. Thank you...Katrina

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