Shopping for clothes that will work thorough the weight loss?

whazzupJanuary 31, 2004

I have to buy new clothes for a new job I'm starting. The problem is that I'm losing weight and I don't want to spend money on clothes that will be ill-fitting in the coming month or two? Are there any style of clothes that will work through losing up to 15 pounds? I might just have to bite the bullet and spend money on clothes that I'll give away in a few months. Suggestions?

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Why not check out your local thrift store? Lots of people who lose weight donate their nice, gently used clothes to charity. If you look through the shops, you can find some rare deals on very nice clothing---even designer names!

This past holiday, we hosted a cocktail party and one of the requests was that female guests shopped at oulet stores, thrift stores and discount houses and found a FORMAL outfit for under $20. Well, you wouldn't believe the beautiful outfits and gowns that people bought for under $20. Some even found accessories to match at bargain basement costs.

Have fun and don't bother breaking the bank. There's plenty of nice stuff out there that is priced reasonably.

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I'm trying to "make do" with most of my clothes. The only purchases that I've made for winter have been a new pair of black boots and a white turtleneck. Could you just purchase some new accessories and wait a little while.

If not, definitely check out the thrift shops, as Wild Chicken suggested. I have two shops that I visit occasionally and have found some great buys----wool blazers, silk blouses, and recently found a nice suede jacket that looked brand new.

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What a nice problem to have! I wish I were loosing weight.

I have found that nice knits lets you loose and gain better than anything else. I have some that I wore as a size 8 and can still wear as a size 12 without looking bad in them. I have also used the gently used shops before and you can get some really nice clothes if you are selective which shops you use.

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I HAD to get new trousers for I check the used shops, got a pair and then went for the 'family stores' and got a few reasonably priced dress pants that have elastic in part of the waistband. I bought the NEXT SIZE DOWN (I did try them on, they were a little snug) and they are fitting not too bad now and I know if I continue to lose weight, I can take them in an inch or so and still keep the style until I make the next size down.

My only other purchases for my new job have been some decent tops. I look for sales and even find some lovely ones in the thrift shops. I know my chest may get smaller and if I buy shirts that have a good cut, I know that when my chest goes down and tummy, the classic cut shirts will still wear well. I am also purchasing a few lovely cut, decorated t-shirts. They are not tight but not lose. They will look even better as I trim up.

And I agree with Beverly about knits. They just love ya to pieces.

My other major treat to myself, no matter what the size - I have been working on nice earrrings (not expensive, get them for a couple of dollars) in all colours and styles. New hair bands with the flowers, colours, fuzzy, fabric etc. Spruce me up too. And two new lipsticks.

Coloured my hair to so that the old blonde growing out has been covered with a more natural colour (dark blonde) and I actually like it.

There are lots and lots of little ways to spruce yourself up and feel good about yourself. Don't forget to start your pampering in the shower/bath...get some nice smelling soaps, conditioners - really splash out on yourself. Dust off with some lovely powders (I get the after xmas sales on the more expensive powders and mix them with unscented baby powder in a bowl and put it back in to the containers).

Your working on the inside of yourself, don't forget to pamper the outside.

We are lovely afterall!


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I went from a size 22/24 to a size 6/8 and I'll tell you, I could have opened my own second hand shop with all the clothes of various sizes I had to buy! I'd wear a pair of trousers until I ran out of safety pins to pin the up with!

I could never find anything decent in the second hand shops around here so had to look elsewhere. My Mum has a wonderful Salvation Army store where I invested a lot of money. Shopping on ebay and such also helped as did going to yard/garage sales and church rummage sales. I always look for knits and trousers/jeans that have a little stretch to them. And I kept buying one size smaller so I'd have the incentive to lose.

You can get more wear out of shirts/blouses by layering items, a blouse that's a bit baggy can be hidden under a sweater. A t-shirt type top can be hidden under a blazer or jacket.

Belts also help. A dress that's a little large can be belted to give it not only a different look but a better fit.

And as a last resort, if you have a tailor near you, check their prices for alterations. It only cost me $3 to have a pair of trousers taken in versus paying $25 for a new pair!

Keep up the good work!


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