Time-out Dolls

dlattimerJanuary 20, 2009

Does any one have a pattern or instructions to make the time out dolls...they are super cute, i just cant find a way to make them stand up? You can e-mail me at dclattimer@yahoo.com

Thanks Delaney

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I understand they use pvc in the legs into the shoes and padd around them. There are patterns in places like Joannes in pattern books under dolls. I have one but buried in storage right now.

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I will see if I can find my time out doll pattern.. and copy it and mail it to you.. I never ever used the pvc pipe or wood, as I was always afraid a child could get hurt and that the wood or pvc pipe could break thru the fabric.. I just stuff them very snug and they stand up find.. here are some pics of mine.

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Can anyone help me find info or pattern or website to make the Time-out Dolls. I have tired everywhere and cannot find them anywhere. I have 4 grandchildren for whom I would love to make these dolls. Any and all info would be greatly appreciated.......dolo :-)

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i am looking for patterns to make the time out dolls

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I am sooo looking for a free pattern for a time out doll, please. I have never made one and am so eager to start one. I thank you for any help you may be able to provide.

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