Barbie clothes

josyseJanuary 7, 2001

Does anyone know of a site where I can print patterns for Barbie clothes? There is one where you have to download to zip file. Well, that did not work for me, I can't seem to unzip it. I want one where it is there to print, easy as that....Thanks, josyse

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Michelle, this is the url you are looking for. Hope you have better luck with them.

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I live in France and I've lots of barbie's sewing pattern. I can exchange with you. Explanation are in French.

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Sylvia, lets talk about swapping some patterns......

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I am looking for crochet or knitting patterns for Barbie Doll clothes using 4 ply worsted weight yarn. I do not want baby or sport weight yarn patterns. If you have any, please email at sally @ and put Barbie Doll in the subject heading.

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Hi! I'm an old barbie -fan, and i'm interested in sewing outfits for my barbies. Is there any site where could be FREE sewing patterns for barbies? Seems that there are only chargeable sites :( If you guys have anything that might be useful, please be kind and rescue me :) My 5 year old girl would be extatic :D I've made a few dresses, but they just won't fit properly without real patterns.. :( if you have any sites, please let me know. and you can send me .zips or .rars via MSN, if you'd like :) Thanks you all for help, i love u already :D E-mail:

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